Saturday Sampler: December 4 — December 10

Heart Sampler 01

Are You Ready to Die? asks Rachel of danielthree18. Few people want to consider this question. Each of us should. And while you’re on her blog, be sure to read How to Study the Bible: Part Five: Dig a Little Deeper (Part B), which concludes her Bible Study series.

I’ve experienced my share of Facebook battles over false teaching, as have many of you. So Michelle Lesley’s blog post, The Mailbag: Contending for the Faith on Social Media, offers me some godly counsel on the matter. Maybe it will help you too.

Insanitybytes22 asks on See, there’s a little thing called biology…, Spiritual Warfare Kit? When I told John I want one for Christmas, he just laughed. Yeah, well.

Writing with great care and sensitivity towards those who have differing convictions, Kari Dent of living in paradise until He comes explains Why We Don’t Do Santa. Whether or not you agree, I’m sure you’ll appreciate her desire to honor the Lord.

In preparation for Christmas, Erin Benziger of Do Not Be Surprised writes What’s In A Name? A Child Born, A Son Given. Please enjoy this splendid devotional on Who Christ is.

I really appreciate Jennifer at One Hired Late In The Day. Her blog posts consistently provide sound theological content and relevant subject matter. For instance, her post, Understanding Biblical Unity clears up some major misunderstandings on what should unite (as well as what should divide) Christians.

Kim Wine’s piece in She Disciples, Marriage is Hard Because Sin is Easy, powerfully helps us understand the real issue in marital conflict. I found myself saying “Amen” to each of her points.

Elizabeth Prata of The End Time gives us a Christmas treat with her blog entry, Linus dropped the blanket, Hallelujah the Lord is come. I’m not telling you anything about this piece. No ma’am, you’ll have to check it out for yourself!

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