Saturday Sampler: January 1 –January 7


Using the book of Isaiah to substantiate his point, Ricky Alcanter of The Blazing Center asserts that 2016 Wasn’t the Worst Year Ever (And Next Year Will Be Okay Too). Pastor Alcanter offers godly wisdom at a time when far too many people (even Bible-believing Christians) face the temptation to despair.

I love the way Elizabeth Prata of The End Time writes Crouching at sin’s door: Lessons from Lot to illustrate that even the most righteous Christian must diligently guard against living a compromised lifestyle. Her essay will call you to evaluate how your daily life affects your presentation of the Gospel.

The website Doctrine Matters has a nifty page called DISCERNMENT RULES which provides ten basic rules for…well, discernment. You might want to save it as a reference tool.

John and I are physically disabled and technically elderly (ouch, it hurts to make that admission!), so the cold New England winters often force us to miss church. Thankfully, our pastor and board of elders understand our limitations and health concerns. They know we really want to worship with the body. Perhaps the fact that we have to miss church so often makes me bristle when young, able-bodied people casually skip church.  Eric Davis  of The Cripplegate addresses such people in his important blog post, Reasons We Miss Church  (But May Not Need To).

For those of you struggling to study the Bible,  Jen at One Hired Late In The Day has encouragement for you in her essay, Studying the Bible: How do I do it, and Where to Start? She offers basic ideas that anyone can easily implement.

Writing for Biblical Woman, Sydnee Peacock addresses single women in her post, 4 Pinterest Boards You Shouldn’t Have. Reading her thoughts brings back memories of how I had to guard my heart when I was in “no man’s land.” But her cautions in this article should extend to those of us who are married. The Lord calls all of us to purity.

I could comment on Why You Probably Don’t Need a Quiet Time, which Donald Whitney writes for this month’s issue of Table Talk Magazine. But I’d rather let you read it for yourselves.

Leslie A. of Growing 4 Life asks if we are Grateful or Greedy? in our attitudes toward Christ. She raises questions that make even the best of us uncomfortable. And that’s definitely a good thing! As a matter of fact, that’s why I love her blog so much.

Addressing the matter of ministering to women by boosting their self-esteem, Elizabeth Prata of The End Time writes Did God really say “You are precious to me, you are honored, and I love you”? Women’s ministries today. As an extra bonus, she throws in a practical lesson  on sharing “Christian” memes.



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