Sometimes Life Interrupts My Perfectly Good Blogging Schedule

Woman Asking FramedWithout going into detail, my plans to blog about John Wycliffe and his challenge to Rome over its teaching on Transubstantiation got derailed today. Even if I had time to write such a post, I’m neither physically nor emotionally able to take on such a formidable project this afternoon.

I want to continue writing about the Reformation and what led up to it. I hope that doing so will help you understand the importance of standing for sound doctrine. We all love talking about discernment, but few of us realize that knowing Church History can develop our discernment as we see how Christians of past centuries refuted false teachings and unbiblical practices. Wycliffe’s repudiation of Transubstantiation gives us a powerful example of discerning truth from error, and I had looked forward to showing you how he did it.

Alas, John and I had business to attend to this morning which took a great deal longer than either of us anticipated. On top of that, a secondary and unrelated issue distracted us. Finally, I didn’t sleep well last night, and stress has afflicted me by producing other physical problems. Blogging about John Wycliffe today (because I’d want to present facts accurately and with proper documentation) would be more than I could manage.

I had nice momentum going with my blogging schedule, didn’t I? Too bad my life got in the way.

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