Say It Again,Deb

owlAs a blogger, and especially as one who tries to blog daily, I often feel compelled to come up with new ideas. And indeed, I shouldn’t regurgitate the thoughts, opinions and insights of the other bloggers in my niche. Such parroting doesn’t do much toward advancing God’s Kingdom. In fact, it probably leaves readers frustrated and weary of reading the same old same old from fifty different writers.

Beth Moore and Rick Warren are false teachers. Okay, people get that. If they don’t, they’re probably not the people that read  blogs of this nature in the first place. Homosexuality is a sin that Christ forgives. Again, not exactly a news flash to anyone who reads  blogs like mine. Yoga’s incompatible with Biblical Christianity. Yeah, my readers know that too.

But maybe readers outside our circle occasionally stumble on to The Outspoken TULIP. I hope that happens more than I think. Maybe someone who adores Beth Moore will google her name, or an unsaved relative will click one of my essays on Catholicism on Facebook. One of the wonderful things about the Internet is that you never really know who finds your writing.

So I want to keep my writing fresh, but I also want to blog about issues that 21st Century Christians have to grapple with. Additionally, I want to stretch myself by studying topics I haven’t studied before, but I don’t want to presume to write about matters beyond my understanding. After all, the cardinal rule of writing is: write about what you know and care about.

I care about guarding against false teachers and wrong teaching. Maybe my past, with all its influences distracting me from sound doctrine, makes me so passionate about writing against things that impede the Gospel. But rather than analyze my motives (I also oppose psychology), can I simply say that I intend to continue blogging about subjects that I consider important.

As I said when I started The Outspoken TULIP  in July of 2015, the days of free speech for Christians are numbered. Trump’s election may have given us a temporary reprieve, but I don’t want to get complacent and waste my blog on inconsequential trivia. Instead, I want to declare the Gospel even more, and I want to warn people against teachers and practices that undermine doctrinal purity. If I sound like a broken record, forgive me. But if my repetitions help women avoid the pitfalls of error, I will have succeeded.

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One thought on “Say It Again,Deb

  1. I totally relate. It’s hard when I’ve been working on a topic and then another blogger unknowingly blogs about it a few days before. I have decided to just do what I’m going to do and not worry about it. My good friend Elizabeth wisely stated she chocks it up to the Spirit perhaps wanting something addressed when there seems to be several of us hitting the same mark.

    I started my blog to benefit IRL friends on Facebook so I do repeat topics our little circle has already addressed because my FB friends may not have ever read about it. Just my 2 cents. 🙂


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