Saturday Sampler: January 22 — January 28

Bezier Flower SamplerReflecting on the violent protests surrounding Trump’s Inauguration on January 20, Mark McIntyre of Attempts at Honesty writes On the peaceful transfer of power, an article that really needs to be widely read. Alas, the people who most need to read it probably won’t.

Like Ryan Higginbottom,  I love e-Sword Bible software. (Scroll down for a link to download it on my right sidebar.) So I appreciate his review of it, e-Sword: Bible Study Software for Everyone, in Knowable Word. He highlights all my favorite features of e-Sword, as well as others. His closing word of caution also deserves attention.

Featuring a brief but informative video by Todd Friel of  Wretched Radio, Michelle Lesley responds to a question from one of her readers in The Mailbag: What is the New Apostolic Reformation? As a former Charismatic who has seen the dangerous ideas of the NAR seep in to my former Baptist church, I can attest that Michelle’s answer hits the nail on the head.

For another Biblical perspective on the protests over President Trump last weekend, you might want to visit Growing 4 Life to read Leslie A.’s insightful blog post, Love Trumps Hate?

Battling sins of the tongue keeps me humble. I don’t think I’m alone in this struggle. So Jon D. Payne’s article in Reformation 21 serves as a reminder that Christians have a responsibility to speak in ways that honor the Lord. Check out Words Matter: Recovering Godly Speech in a Culture of Profanity.

Rebekah Womble, in her Wise In His Eyes blog, warns us to be discerning about those popular women’s books in the Christian bookstore. The Pretty, the Sweet, and the Deceptive:  On Book Covers and “Girl Talk” encourages us to compare everything we read to Scripture. And while you’re on her website, take a look at Mysticism, We Don’t Need You.

When They Walk Away by Nicholas Batzig on Feeding On Christ offers advice and comfort to those of us who go through the anguish of watching people reject our efforts at discipleship or evangelism. He reminds us that Jesus also watched people walk away from Him.

Here’s one that I’d like Charismatics to read! Jennifer at One Hired Late In The Day writes How are we led by the Spirit? How do we know God’s will? Jennifer’s message isn’t really new, but it desperately bears repeating as often as possible!

Traditionally, Christians dread reading Leviticus. I don’t. And Elizabeth Prata of The End Time joyfully confesses that she’s been Surprised by Leviticus. You might change your mind about this book of the bible after reading Elizabeth’s essay.

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