Saturday Sampler: February 12 — February 18

bible-samplerContinuing his series on discernment, Tim Challies writes Deadly Doctrines: The Pattern and Protection to demonstrate how churches fall into error. Having personally witnessed a few churches undergo this process, I can attest to Challies’ accuracy. Thankfully he also shows how churches can protect themselves.

On Growing 4 Life, Leslie A. features a guest post by her brother, Pastor Dean. His essay, Learn to Discern: What Is Biblical Christianity?, works through the marks of a true Christian based on Christ’s words in John’s gospel.

I really wish I’d written Ladies, Please Consider: Who is the Subject of Your Bible Study? But Jen Oshman of The Oshman Odyssey beat me to it.

Josh Buice of Delivered By Grace pleads, Please Stop Saying — “God Told Me”. He raises arguments against this practice that I’d never considered, but which ring true. I hope you’ll make this article a priority.

In The World’s “Ten Commandments” (1-5), Rebekah Womble of Wise In His Eyes examines five popular attitudes that govern non-Christians. She answers each attitude from Scripture.

Eric Davis of The Cripplegate again takes on the doctrine of praying in tongues with his blog post, Addressing Continuationist Arguments from 1 Corinthians 14 by looking at the historical and structural context of the chapter. I appreciate his reasoned approach to this emotionally charged topic.

Jesus definitely taught things that make me uncomfortable. In her article, Forgiveness: A Hard Teaching of Jesus, Jennifer of One Hired Late In The Day challenges us to look at how Jesus forgives us instead of how others have wounded us. Gulp!

Continuing her series on the fundamentals of the faith, Michelle Lesley writes Basic Training: The Bible Is Our Authority. Before you dismiss it as nothing new, take a look at what she has to say. No, she doesn’t offer new revelation, but her perspective isn’t common.

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One thought on “Saturday Sampler: February 12 — February 18

  1. Thanks Debbielynne 🙂

    These were all great reads. I especially enjoyed the one from leslie/pastor dean and Rebekah.


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