Saturday Sampler: February 19 — February 25

blendsArminians are Accidental Hyper-Calvinists, asserts Greg Pickles of Parking Space 23. I’ll resist further comment, certain that you’re already intrigued.

The second half of Rebekah Womble’s two-part series, The World’s “Ten Commandments” (6-10) appears in her blog, Wise In His Eyes. It’s sadly accurate in describing the attitudes of non-Christians. And while you’re on her website, be sure to read Loving Our Single Sisters: “Do’s” and “Don’t’s” for a helpful reminder of what unmarried women need from us.

If you haven’t done so yet, read Deadly Doctrines: Facing Evil Like Snakes and Doves by Tim Challies. I am coming around to his way of thinking in regard to discernment ministry, so I believe his article needs to be read and prayerfully considered.

Praise the Lord! Jessica Pickowicz has revived her blog, A Beautiful Thing. She resumes her series on erroneous practices of  evangelicals with Portraits of Superstition: Jeannie and her Bottle. I appreciate Jess for her courage to confront error.

Sometimes I wonder if present-day evangelicals have any idea why the Protestant Reformation happened. As Rachel of danielthree18 demonstrates in her blog post, Lent, Fasting, and Scripture, Christians no longer need to do anything to impress the Lord.

As a complement to Rachel’s piece,  you may want to read Jesse Johnson’s article, For Lent, give up Lent, in The Cripplegate.

Writing for Ligonier, Derek Thomas offers The Cure for a Lack of Fruit in our Christian Lives. This article encourages me more than anything I’ve ever read on the topic of assurance.

Why does the LORD allow false prophets? asks Elizabeth Prata of The End Time. She puts forth a truly fascinating argument in this essay. Please don’t miss it!


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