Effects Of Watching The Shepherds’ Conference

I know what I said two weeks ago. Finding hymns indeed had become frustrating for me, and I certainly was tired of wading through YouTube trying to locate versions that I liked. Posting short videos definitely seemed a lot more appealing.

But as John and I watched livestreamed sessions of The Shepherds’ Conference this past week, enjoying all the magnificent hymns led by the Gettys and by Bob Kauflin, the Lord convicted me that hymns need to remain prominent in this blog for two reasons.

Firstly, many contemporary praise songs water down or distort the Gospel by minimizing sound doctrine and shifting the emphasis from the Lord Jesus Christ to self. While not all contemporary praise songs do such things and  not all hymns present good theology (I think of that atrocious hymn, In The Garden, which has multiple theological problems), the vast majority of old and modern hymns provide helpful teaching that we can easily commit to memory.

Secondly, hymns exalt the Lord Jesus Christ. They allow us to engage our emotions in an act of worship, even as we fix our attention on His glories. In that way, they keep Him central in our thoughts, and keep us gazing at His wonders. This avenue of worship carries over into our daily life, reminding us of Who He is and what He has done. For that reason, I like to share hymns in this  blog.

Today I want to feature a relatively new hymn that focuses on a Christian’s commitment to live for Christ. I pray that it will minister to you as deeply it ministers to me.

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