When Two Bloggers Meet

MichelleRarely does my disability bother me. But Michelle Lesley, one of my favorite bloggers, is speaking at my church’s Women’s Conference this weekend. Problem is, the conference is on Cape Cod, well outside The RIDE area, so there’s no way I can get down there.

The leaders of the women’s ministry, thankfully, had mercy on me. On their way  to the Cape this morning, they brought Michelle by our apartment for a lovely two-hour visit.

What a wonderful time of talking about weddings, discernment, Bible Studies and (of course) blogging! Michelle told me how she does her blog, emphasizing her passion for her Wednesday Bible Studies. Together we lamented the fact that we attract more readers with our articles on false teachers than with the Bible Studies we write. (Why does that happen,  ladies?)

Throughout the conversation, I appreciated the responsibility God has given both me and Michelle to minister to women through the medium of blogging. Of course, Michelle has additional platforms for discipling women that I  don’t, but the Lord has blessed us with this wonderful outreach, allowing us to bring God’s Word to women all over the world.  We both take joy in this way of serving Christ.

I appreciate my friends from church for making the visit possible. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing her face-to-face for the first time, yet knowing we’ve been friends for quite a while. I don’t foresee seeing her in person again before Christ’s return, but how glorious to know that she and I will spend eternity together praising the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pray for Michelle this weekend as she ministers to the women from my beloved church family. And pray for the ladies to draw closer to the Lord and His Word through the teaching she presents.

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4 thoughts on “When Two Bloggers Meet

  1. How wonderful! Would love an opportunity to sit down with both of you. Thanks for sharing your experience with us 🙂 And I agree–it is discouraging that the posts about false teachers often garner more attention than the ones about God’s Word. I hate that too.


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