Summer Blogging Schedule (Or Lack Thereof )

Headstick 2013This has been a week of interruptions. I won’t go into detail about the negative ones, but John and I very much enjoyed going into Boston yesterday. We now anticipate a busy summer that alternates between fun day trips and medical visits. Which naturally means less time for blogging.

We’ve concluded that I should take a complete break from my Perspectives In Titus series for a while. My inclination right now is to resume it after Labor Day, but don’t be surprised if I end up getting back to it sooner. Its low volume of readership disappoints me (as of this afternoon, Monday’s installment only received ten views), but I don’t want to discontinue it because Christian women desperately need verse-by-verse Bible Studies. Such studies assist true discernment much more effectively than calling out popular teachers, I believe.

But writing these studies demands tremendous time and energy. Quite frankly, this granny needs a break.

The Tuesday series on the Protestant Reformation will continue throughout the summer, but probably not every week. October 31st will come before we know it, and I so want all of you to understand why it’s a big deal. The Reformers provide vivid examples of true discernment. Really, if you want to discern truth from error, studying the Protestant Reformation can be an invaluable tool!

Saturday Sampler will appear each week. This Sunday I’ll take a break from posting a hymn, but I’ll start back up on Father’s Day.

Expect blog posts most days, but remember that we’ll be in and out often during the summer months. I do take this blog seriously, but I need to keep it from dominating my life. Truthfully, I’m getting older than I want to be, and blogging takes its toll. It’s time to pace myself.

2 thoughts on “Summer Blogging Schedule (Or Lack Thereof )

  1. I certainly understand your need for a break! I hope you enjoy the summer and I will look forward to the resumption of the Titus study. I’ve really been enjoying it!


  2. I tried to submit a comment earlier using my phone…but I’m not sure it made it through.

    I was saying that I totally understand the need to slow the pace during a busy season. I hope you enjoy your summer and find it restorative. I really enjoy your Bible studies, and will look forward to when they resume. Write when you can! I’ll read it! 🙂


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