A Discernment Issue Leading To A Question For My Readers

Resurrection ButterflyEvangelical women typically flock to blog posts about sex, current events or the exposure of false teachers. The third item is generally thought of as discernment, and sometimes that’s a correct assessment. I appreciate those discernment bloggers who courageously name names. But I also know that true discernment bloggers are more concerned with promoting sound doctrine than with gossiping about popular evangelical celebrities.

One of the most basic Christian doctrines is the bodily resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Ironically, it’s arguably one of the most ignored and least understood doctrines. To be honest, I’d been a Christian for over three decades before I started understanding its significance. So, at the risk of writing unpopular blog posts, I propose to step up my articles on this foundational topic, convinced that doing so will enhance your discernment abilities much better than simply identifying the latest false teacher.

While Christ’s resurrection most definitely provides concrete evidence for the truth of Christianity (as I explained last week), please take care not to reduce its significance to mere academic validation.  Paul begins 1 Corinthians 15 by demonstrating the historical reality of the Lord’s resurrection, but from there he moves into a beautiful discussion on the implications of His resurrection.

Obviously I  can’t work through all 58 verses of 1 Corinthians 15 in a single blog post, but I fully intend to write more essays on this wonderfully important subject from now on. I might consider writing a verse-by-verse Bible Study on 1 Corinthians 15. Although many other passages contribute to our understanding of Christ’s resurrection, this chapter supplies the most definitive handling of the occurrence and its implications.

Writing verse-by-verse studies requires much time and effort. Yet I would joyfully make the commitment if enough women (remember, men other than my husband and elders from First Baptist Church Weymouth, MA should not be reading my teaching articles) would read them. I truly believe that cultivating a Biblical understanding of Christ’s resurrection would go a long way in protecting us against false teachers.

Please use my Comments Section or my Outspoken TULIP Facebook page to let me know if you’d prefer a structured Bible Study series on the resurrection or less formal posts from time to time (FBCW elders, please weigh in too!) so that I’ll invest my time and energy in the wisest way possible. I want you to be excited about the resurrection, so I need help determining the most interesting way to approach it.

Discernment requires knowing at least the fundamentals of the Christian faith. Because the doctrine of the resurrection is so critical to the Gospel, and because false teachers often distort, downplay or disregard it, we dare not neglect it. Instead, dear sisters in Christ,  let’s grab on to its glorious promises and celebrate it.

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