A Wife, Sister And Aunt — But Am I Like The Trinity?

Shamrock ShadedThroughout church history, people have attempted to explain the Trinity. Patrick, the 5th Century missionary to Ireland, famously used the shamrock to illustrate how God can be three distinct Persons and yet one Being. Others have likened the Trinity to H2O (water, ice and vapor) or and egg (shell,  white and yoke). There are other analogies, most of which I happily don’t remember.

A friend recently reminded me of an analogy that used to be my favorite. I would explain that, though I’m DebbieLynne in all situations, I am a wife, a sister and an aunt. As such, I have three different roles. Ignore all my other roles (friend, employer, niece, blogger, church member, patient to my doctors and  so on).

Obviously the analogy breaks down very quickly. And it should for a few reasons. Two of those reasons particularly trouble me, and I think they should trouble most Christians who really give serious thought to their implications.

Firstly, my roles as wife, sister and aunt depend on how my husband, sister and nieces are related to me. Apart from John, I would not be a wife. If John dies before I do, I will cease to be a wife. Therefore, my identity as wife relies completely on John rather than being intrinsic to my nature.

Yet the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit exist independently of Their roles in relating to the Church. They have definite roles in bringing about salvation and in sanctifying believers, certainly, and we ought to rejoice in how intimately each Person of the Trinity works in our lives. But if God had never created anything, each Person of the Trinity would still exist in His fullness, not needing us to define Him. My various roles hinge on my relationships with others, but God is Father, Son and Spirit eternally, with or without us.

Secondly, and more importantly, it borders on blasphemy to compare ourselves to the Triune God. I tremble in shame at the thought that I ever did such a presumptuous thing! Although He created us in His likeness, we cannot — and indeed, must not  — consider ourselves models for describing anything about Him. Especially the Holy Trinity!

God commands Christians to reflect His character qualities like love, righteousness, patience and above all holiness. But He never suggested that anything about us could explain His very essence. My roles as wife, sister and aunt in no way demonstrate the astounding mystery of the Holy Trinity, and God never intended them to do so. Again, the very idea creeps dangerously close to blasphemy, in my opinion.

Many non-Christians dare us to defend the doctrine of the Trinity because they view it as illogical. Consequently, we concoct analogies that seem nifty, supposing that we can convince people with our little illustrations. But in truth, the Trinity lies well beyond the grasp of human reason. Instead of presuming to explain God’s triune nature, maybe we should stand in awe of this marvelous mystery.

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3 thoughts on “A Wife, Sister And Aunt — But Am I Like The Trinity?

  1. This is such a great post, sister! My 7-year-Old has been asking me repeatedly about the trinity, bless her heart she really wants to understand! I liken it to God being outside of our human dimensions of time and space, which is clearly true yet undeniably impossible to comprehend. I’m thankful that there are aspects of God that are too great for me to understand. I never want to bring Him low, I never want to assume He is altogether like man. Thank you for pointing this out!


  2. I just linked to your blog from “Do Not Be Surprised” and have bookmarked it for future reading. I totally agree with your article. The Biblical illiteracy is great and the lack of discernment alarming. Even from the pulpit!!! (My husband and I are dealing with this right now and are leaving our church due to new charismatic teachings.) I have crashed and burned not once but twice throughout my Christian walk because of bad doctrine and false teaching. The saying goes: “Fool me once shame on them, fool me twice shame on me.” I now teach inductive Bible study. False doctrine literally abounds in the Church today and we must be armed and studied up to detect it. God bless you in your efforts to be faithful.

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    • Do Not Be Surprised is one of my favorite blogs, especially because it played an indirect role in helping me and my husband find our current church. I’m glad the Lord used DNBS to lead you to The Outspoken TULIP . I hope He’ll minister to you through it.


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