1 Corinthians 15 Bible Study Temporarily Postponed

He Is RisenIt’s Bible Study day, but I just can’t physically write one today. Friday evening my evening Personal Care Attendant gave her two week’s notice, so I’m having to interview people again. Between interviewing and responding to emails inquiring about the job, I simply don’t have time to do the necessary work involved in writing a Bible Study.

Added to the mix, John has an appointment in Boston tomorrow that we’ve already rescheduled once, so we really have to keep it.

Obviously I’m frazzled and overwhelmed, unable to invest the time and concentration required to write the quality of Bible Study I want to provide. I hope to write a little each day with the goal of publishing on Thursday. I apologize to any of you who are accustomed to my Studies appearing on Mondays, but this situation is unavoidable.

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