I’m Neither A Mouse Nor A Man, But…

Head Stick Pics 007“The best laid plans of mice and men.” Isn’t that a line from Steinbeck? Since I haven’t touched a Steinbeck novel since college, and didn’t much care for his writing even then, I wouldn’t know.

At any rate, my best laid plans to produce the next installment of our 1 Corinthians 15 Bible Study series got derailed  because I got either a stomach bug or food poisoning yesterday, and therefore had approximately 73 emails to wade through today. Because I’m still tired from all the emotional uproar of needing a new Personal Care Attendant, John’s doctor appointment and being sick as a dog, I figure I can publish the next Bible Study on Monday if I skip writing an original blog post tomorrow.

So, ladies, look forward to a Flashback Friday post tomorrow, a very interesting Saturday Sampler Saturday, and hopefully a Sunday Hymn for May 27 (I’m not promising the hymn, but I’ll try). I really want to finish 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 before taking a break to accommodate my June 11 doctor appointment.

I apologize for failing to write a study this week, but I guess if mice and men can lay faulty plans, then I can. Praise God that His plans never get thwarted!

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