What’s My Problem With Beth Moore, Anyway?

Thoughtful Lady

I’ve realized lately that, although I frequently blog about Beth Moore, none of the articles on The Outspoken TULIP  actually explain why I believe she’s a false teacher. I’d written several articles on my old blog (which I’ve since taken down) enumerating some of the serious problems with her teachings. Apparently I moved to this  blog with the erroneous assumption that my readers automatically understood my objections to her ministry. For that oversight, I apologize.

The sheer volume of problems with Beth Moore’s ministry prevents me from adequately addressing them in a single blog post. Additionally, Elizabeth Prata and Michelle Lesley have already provided such excellent resources on Moore that I couldn’t possibly bring anything else to the table. Why reinvent the wheel?

That said, some of you may not have the time to go through all their arguments and documentation. Others of you may think I’m referring you to them because I’m not really as informed as I seem to be, or that I’m blindly parroting Elizabeth and Michelle. For those reasons, let me briefly list a few of my concerns, which I’ll document in future articles.

  • Beth Moore claims to receive personal revelations from God. This fact is probably my greatest objection to her ministry.
  • Beth Moore teaches men as well as women in violation of 1 Timothy 2:12, demonstrating her inability and/or unwillingness to conform to God’s Word. You know — the same God’s Word she supposedly loves and teaches.
  • Beth Moore partners with other false teachers, sometimes praising them as men and women of God.
  • Beth Moore interprets Scripture in narcissistic ways, often ignoring context in favor of her agendas.
  • Beth Moore has recently jumped on the Social Gospel bandwagon, making vague references to her “repentance” from racism as well as accusing the Southern Baptist Convention of systematic misogyny.

Each of my concerns warrants its own blog post. Whether or I address all five concerns remains to be seen, particularly since I’d much prefer to write about the Bible. Sadly, my Bible Studies (which I write to show you correct ways of handling Scripture so that you can spot Beth Moore’s errors for yourselves) are the least read of all my posts, whereas you flock to anything even mentioning her name. Hopefully showing you where she goes wrong will encourage you to pursue healthier Bible study habits.

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10 thoughts on “What’s My Problem With Beth Moore, Anyway?

  1. I’m as disappointed as you are that your carefully researched Bible studies are not more widely read. Please don’t quit writing them, I love them.

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    • Truthfully, I’m debating whether or not to continue them. Now I have to use my personal devotional time to prepare them. Every day. I’m learning a lot, and studying increases my worship, but I have a concern about not reading other parts of the Bible. I”m hoping I won’t injure my own spiritual health trying to provide a service that most of my readers don’t want. Yet days like today, when the Lord used my study to really deepen my understanding of resurrection, make me so grateful that I’m doing it! Then your encouragement is the cherry on top.

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  2. I’m with Jennifer. I am edified by your Bible Study on the resurrection. It came at the perfect time—right as we were studying Christology in the Biblical Doctrine group read. Since we’re on a break for the summer, your study on the resurrection is deepening my understanding and my appreciation of the person and work of our Lord and Savior. Thank you.

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  3. This is a very hard message to communicate.
    After awhile the issues do become repetitive. Another woman who has written is Erin B.

    Still I wish there was an easy way to get women to see this. She is so heavily promoted and popular it seems almost impossible to get someone to avoid her teaching.

    How does one lead another to this change of direction?

    If one turns from her ubiquitous teaching materials where does one turn to for solid material?
    Maybe some focus on the better alternatives is useful?


    • Yes, Erin Benziger has become a personal friend of mine, and her material on Moore has been instrumental in teaching me the many problems with Beth Moore’s teaching. I didn’t link to Erin as a resource because Elizabeth Prata already includes several of Erin’s articles on her resource page.

      I agree wholeheartedly that simply regurgitating what has already been written about Beth Moore is pointless, My plan is to direct women, not to alternative materials, but to Scripture itself. Scripture provides the best vaccination against false teachers.


  4. Hi DebbieLynne,
    I view Beth Moore, Joyce Meyers, Gloria Copeland, Joel Osteen and all of these tele-evangelists as a pack of charlatans who use God for their own purposes-to make money off people who are looking for hope. Shame on them! They take advantage of people who are struggling to find God. I have found God through my own personal prayers to God. Prayer and a sincere desire to be in communion with God is what has brought me the most peace. Asking God to walked with me, to guide me, to be ever-present has given me peace. No words or interpretations from others can do this. Scripture reading coupled with prayer is what brings me closer to God.
    Thank you for bringing a spotlight on the charlatan Beth Moore. Google her net worth, as well as all the others net worth. It is staggering! If they care so much about the Kingdom of God why don’t they each give their riches to the poor and take up their cross and follow Our Lord by giving charity rather than living extravagantly in mansions and jetting around in luxury. It just all about the money that’s why! Money is their religion.


  5. Hi, DebbieLynne, I just recently found your blog. I have never done a Beth Moore study, nor have I ever wanted to as I always gotten the impression (from friends who have) that she is very subjective with Scripture. That’s always a red flag to me. I have been studying Scripture inductively (using Precept) for years now, and it’s helped me go deeper with the Lord and know His Word more intimately and retain what I read. I’m commenting here because I think you have perhaps jumped to an erroneous conclusion about why people read those posts rather than your Bible Studies (which I had no idea you posted). While it’s absolutely true that so many of those claiming the name of Christ are led to and fro by every wind of doctrine because they don’t know what the Scriptures teach and that subjectivity and experience seem to be trumping sound doctrine, I don’t think it can be assumed that people are only reading those posts and not your studies because they only want the latest “dirt” on a teacher. Many, like myself, are no doubt reading because, having never done one of her studies, we need to know what she is about as we have friends who love her studies or who enjoy them and/or ask our recommendations about studies. I understood she was controversial, but have not followed her, so really didn’t know why. Now I do. (I had also never heard of Jen Hatmaker or Rachel Held Evans…much less what they espoused) I wish you well and hope this comment has given you a little different perspective on what may be happening when people read about the teachers you critique. Grace to you, sister.


  6. Thank you for taking the time to research, think through and then explain your finding on Beth Moore. Your points are excellent. If I may, in looking up your scripture references, you used 2 Timothy 2:12. A simple typo but you really meant 1 Timothy 2:12.


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