A Break From Internet Squabbles

The evangelical world, and indeed the world at large, has been engulfed in all sorts of controversies and internet squabbles these past few months, and I see no sign that the arguing will ease up. Some of the matters are, admittedly, silly and trivial. Others, however, call Scripture’s authority into question, and therefore Christians absolutely must take an uncompromising stand.

But all too often even the legitimately necessary controversies can inadvertently distract us from the beautiful Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Even in attempting to serve God, we often forget to marvel at Who He is and what He’s done for us. Worse, we forget that everything is for the purpose of bringing honor and glory to Him.

Praise God for hymn writers who faithfully draw our attention back that Gospel, and in doing so remind us of our wonderful Savior. The hymn I selected to feature today turns my attention away from all the disputes and back to Him. Perhaps it will give you the same refreshing outlook.

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One thought on “A Break From Internet Squabbles

  1. This is actually one reason I have stayed away from Twitter. I see so many attacks of Christians against Christians and find out about so many squabbles on there that I just didn’t really want to know. Personally, I believe God must be extremely sad at the way brothers and sisters in Christ nitpick at one another. Anything to get hits on their posts and boost ratings. It is so tragic. When what should be happening is a unifying together so that we can expose the darkness of false teachers together–as a unified front. I guess Satan knows we aren’t going to be near as effective in the battle against evil if we divide ourselves. Sad, sad, sad.

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