So Why Am I Suddenly Blogging About Beth Moore?

balloon-turtle-samplerI have a pattern of coming to parties a bit late. My poor mom carried me for ten months before giving birth to me — which was good because I weighed all of five pounds when I finally arrived. So I didn’t write clear articles explaining the various problems with Beth Moore’s teachings years ago, when everybody else was doing so.

In retrospect, I think my tardiness in writing about these problems outside of allusions to her as a false teacher gave me time to consider better ways to address the issues in a responsible manner. I’ve learned, for instance, that attacking her personally violates God’s standard of not judging her heart. I don’t really know if she’s saved, if she believes what she teaches, or if she’s a complete charlatan.

I can judge her teaching and her practice, however. Based on those things, I can conclude that, regardless of her motives (which only the Lord really knows), Beth Moore teaches falsehood on a consistent basis.

I’ve demonstrated in my last two posts about her that she claims to receive direct revelations from God. Although there are many other troubling aspects to her ministry, which Michelle Lesley, Elizabeth Prata and Erin Benzigerhave skillfully addressed back when the party was in full swing, I believe Moore’s insistence on her extrabiblical experiences lay the foundation for all her other deviations from Scripture.

Fast-forwarding to the summer of 2018, we see Beth Moore “repenting” from racism and decrying “systemic misogyny.” In neither instance did she even hint that God spoke to her concerning these issues, but I wonder if her followers accept her recent embrace of these social justice issues precisely because they’ve been conditioned to believe that God speaks to her personally. Perhaps this is speculation on my part, but it certainly seems plausible.

Beth Moore has tremendous influence,  much of which she’s gained through her convincing accounts of God speaking to her and giving her visions. The fact that she’s now using her influence to lead her followers away from the Gospel and toward unbiblical approaches to social issues shows me the necessity of once again warning women about her false teaching.

I don’t delight in writing about Beth Moore. I’d much prefer writing about Scripture and directing my readers to sound doctrine. That’s why I write the Monday Bible Studies, and that’s why it disappointments me that so few of you seem interested in them. But right now, sadly, Beth Moore is hopping on the social justice bandwagon and drawing so much attention to herself that I believe we need to talk about her aberrations from sound doctrine.

Next week, therefore, we’ll look at her pattern of teaching men, comparing it to her recent remarks about “systemic misogyny.” From there, we’ll examine Biblical roles for men and women, encouraging you to maintain a Biblical perspective. If Beth Moore wants to instigate a new party, I’ll  attend promptly.

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6 thoughts on “So Why Am I Suddenly Blogging About Beth Moore?

  1. Hi DebbieLynne,

    I agree, her influence has far from waned but only increased over time. Worse, her habit of teaching through her alleged revelations is picking up steam. In her latest ‘study’ out today she was trying to exegete Philippians 1:12, which simply says, “Now I want you to know, brothers and sisters, that what has happened to me has actually served to advance the gospel.” But this is what she said:

    “God showed me yesterday in my hotel room the exact moment of revolution where disadvantages through the work of the holy spirit are turned into advantages.”

    The only way I’d accept that statement is if she followed it up by saying “As I read it in my Bible.”

    I feel a real burden for her followers, who I know aren’t led by her but they (the followers) are actually heaping up Moore out of their own will and lusts. (2 Tim 4:3). And given recent interactions with them, it seems most of them are hardened against ANY notion that Moore is even remotely fallible.

    I’ve enjoyed your recent essays on Moore. And all the others too. Keep up the good work.

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  2. I love your dual-purpose blog. Here you warn about false teachers and false teachings, and in other posts, you show us how to rightly divide the word of truth. Keep writing!

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    • While I appreciate your right to an opinion, I wish you had made your case through reason and Scripture. Name calling only, supports the perception that Beth Moore’s following argue from emotion rather than from God’s Word and the fruit of the Spirit. I very much doubt that’s how you meant to come across. I’d be pleased, Mandy, to have you correct me with Scripture (used in proper context) and reasonable evidence that I’ve misrepresented Ms.. Moore. If you show me why I’m wrong, I’ll gladly write a retraction.


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