Saturday Sampler: July 15 — July 21

Lollipop Sampler

Happy Tenth Facebook Anniversary, Stephen by Stephen McAlpine is funny. I  guarantee you’ll chuckle as you read the first several paragraphs. But his observations should sober us. And encourage us to use social media in ways that honor the Lord for as long as we can get away with it.

In his weekly contribution to The Cripplegate, Clint Archer answers the question, Are there prophets today (in fewer than 500 words)? I could answer in one word. But Archer explains why there are no modern day prophets by appealing to God’s Word. I sorta think that’s a better way to handle such a volatile topic.

Evangelism isn’t my strong suit. Or so I claim. Michael Coughlan, writing for Things Above Us, challenges that attitude by insisting that Everyone is an Evangelist regarding something. If you don’t want to hear what Coughlan has to say, chances are you need to read his article as much as I did.

Should we be shocked that a Theologian wants to take the Bible out of the hands of Christians? Probably not. But Denny Burk counters this outrageous proposal with a more Scriptural idea.

Have you really mortified that sin, or Is Your Sin Just Playing Possum? Mike Leake of Borrowed Light ponders that question by writing a short, but probing, devotional. With apologies to people who, for whatever reason, happen to like possums.

It Mike Leake didn’t challenge you enough, perhaps Lisa Robinson will with The partiality that gets a pass. Her use of Scripture here is masterful, and she reminds us that it’s not just the Christian celebrities that deserve our attention. Really, ladies, you don’t want to miss this one!

John and I will celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary next month. Like Melody Schmidt of Biblical Woman, we have difficulty understanding why people say marriage is hard work. What I Learned During My First Years of Marriage lists ways the Lord has helped her be a blessing to her husband.

Posting on his blog, Delivered By Grace, Josh Buice identifies The Troubling Terms of the Social Justice Movement. He captures the essence of why we must guard against this line of thinking that has engulfed so much of evangelicalism in the past few months. Praise God for people like Buice who clearly understand the ramifications of this movement.

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