Nate Collins Is Tired.Well, Folks, So Am I!

Distorted BibleDonning the victim mentality that characterizes the LBGTQ movement, keynote speaker Nate Collins told last weekend’s Revoice Conference that he’s tired. Collins holds a PhD from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary,  is in a “mixed orientation” marriage and is the founder of Revoice. He labels himself a gay Christian.

As a “gay Christian,” Dr. Collins is tired of all the indignities, oppression and marginalization that LBGTQ people face. In one sense, I agree. No human being should suffer disrespectful treatment. Even those who espouse beliefs and lifestyles in direct opposition to Scripture must receive respect from Christians (Matthew 7:12).

His address begins at the 20 minute mark of this video with a dramatic litany of reasons that he’s tired. You can practically hear violins in the background as he recites multiple instances (some legitimate, some contrived) of the unjust suffering endured by “sexual minorities.” He sets the emotional tone that will carry the rest of his speech. And probably the rest of the conference.

Although it’s tempting to comment on the way Dr. Collins twisted Jeremiah 15, right now I want to concentrate solely on his emotional tone. By laying a foundation of emotions (and particularly emotions that enforce a feeling of victimization), Collins eliminates any possibility of dissent. No one dare mention that homosexual desires, in and of themselves, violate the 9th Commandment.

Dr. Collins has one goal. He wants LBGTQ people — as long as they’re celibate or in “mixed orientation” marriages, mind you — to enjoy full  inclusion in churches without sacrificing their LBGTQ identities. This goal, unsustainable from Scripture, requires the emotional foundation that he laid in the “I’m tired” portion of his address.

Listening to Collins, I couldn’t help remembering Matthew Vines’ impassioned presentation a few years ago. Much like Nate Collins, Vines depended heavily on emotionally charged rhetoric to distract his audience from his mangling of God’s Word.

I’m tired of people, regardless of their sexual orientation or political agenda, using emotions and anecdotal stories of victimization to sway Christians away from the Gospel. We saw it with MLK50, and then with Beth Moore’s diatribe against misogyny.  Revoice isn’t significantly different from either of those occurrences. All three feature self-described victims demanding that the Church manipulate Scripture to accommodate them.

We should all be tired of such selfish disregard for God’s glory. Some of the grievances represented by MLK50, Beth Moore and Revoice may be legitimate. But for the most part, I see angry, frustrated people focused on their felt needs rather than on forgiving those who hurt them. I see emotions elevated over Scripture, and Scripture interpreted by emotions in an attempt to shame conservative Christians.  I’m getting tired of it.

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