Firm Foundations Last Forever

For over 30 years, “How Firm A Foundation” has been my favorite hymn.  It has brought me conviction about the sufficiency of Scripture, courage in times of fear, hope during heartbreak, comfort during trials and confidence regarding eternity.

Originally, I had planned to blog about specific instances in which the Lord used this hymn to minister to me. And perhaps some of you might have enjoyed that narration. (Or perhaps I flatter myself in thinking you’d enjoy it.) But in mulling it over, I couldn’t see how such a post would keep the focus on Jesus.

So as you listen to this hymn, I want you to think about His faithfulness in your lives rather than His faithfulness in mine. How has Scripture assured you? How has He strengthened you with His presence, blessed your sorrows, taken you through extreme difficulties and assured you that nothing will divide you from Him?

The foundation of His Word is firm enough to last. Eternally.

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4 thoughts on “Firm Foundations Last Forever

  1. This is a beautiful hymn! Thank you for sharing it. It was also beautiful to read you’re consideration of what to write, and keeping the focus on God. You’re a great example, I give God the glory for allowing you to edify us with your blog! As a so called ‘millennial’ I was raised in a generation that seeks to only glory in themselves, or perhaps that’s every generation in a different way? It’s refreshing, and encouraging, to see the difference in Gods people. I think that’s what many young people are hoping to find, and seeing too little, in church. Thank you! May the Lord bless you!


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