What Was I Going To Blog About?

Cute Puppy LoveAs a child, I learned that I could most easily get in trouble by using my disability as an excuse for my failings. And I definitely advocate teaching that principle to any child with a disability. But since I don’t have a dog to eat my homework, I see no alternative to playing the disability card in explaining why I can’t remember even one of those great ideas I had for a blog post.

The blogging experts advise bloggers to jot down ideas when they come to us. Good advice for people who can use their hands. As a Cerebral Palsy quadriplegic, I can’t hold a pen, however.

Yes, John’s more than happy to jot down blogging ideas for me. Occasionally he has done that very thing, and I appreciate him for it! But more often than not, my ideas come when he’s unavailable, or when it would be inappropriate to interrupt him. Good grief, he has a life too!

So I’m sitting at my computer, watching the cursor blinking impatiently as I feverishly ask the Lord to help me recall just one of those great ideas I had over the weekend.  The harder I try to remember, the more my mind clouds over. I finally resign myself to the grim reality that I don’t have a clue what to type.

Anyway, I’ve had an incredibly emotional past few days. The Lord has shown His faithfulness, as He always does. But the aftermath has left me physically exhausted and unable to conjure up ideas I had as long ago as Sunday, before the emotional stuff started.  Even if I did remember one of my ideas, I don’t have the energy to type a serious  article today.

So whether I blame my disability, my non-existent dog or my exhaustion, I just plain can’t remember those blog post ideas today. Hopefully tomorrow. If not, I’ll get a dog who can eat my homework.

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3 thoughts on “What Was I Going To Blog About?

  1. Evenn though you are rightly dividing the word of truth here, this is still a wonderful blog post. It shows your humility and your spiritual maturity. And it reminds me as one who benefits from your ministry to let you know how much I appreciate you and what you do. You are in my prayers!


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