There’s Nothing More To Be Said About Homosexuality, But We Must Tell The Truth About It Now More Than Ever

Rainbow HeartOther than occasional innuendos that I thankfully didn’t understand, I never really heard about homosexuality until I was 18. It makes me sad (and perhaps a bit angry) that children nowadays don’t enjoy the same protection that I did. What remained in closets during my childhood is now proudly celebrated in kindergarten classrooms across America.

And although an increasing number of professing Christians have joined the politically correct celebration of all things LBGTQ,  a few people who actually believe the Bible have bravely spoken out to call sexual deviations sinful. I am one of those people.

Looking through my articles on homosexuality in The Outspoken TULIP, I see that I’ve written quite a bit on this topic. Given that I spent twelve years working for an ex-gay ministry, my interest in proclaiming the truth about homosexuality should not surprise anyone.

Yet how many times can I go over the Scriptures that condemn homosexuality without being redundant?  Haven’t I shown, on numerous posts, that the term, Gay Christian, is as absurd as calling someone a Murdering Christian, a Gluttonous Christian or an Adulterous Christian.

I’m DebbieLynne, and I’m an Angry Christian?

No, I’m DebbieLynne, and I struggle against the sin of anger. By God’s grace and through dependence on His Holy Spirit, I’m learning to put that sin to death. It grieves me when it stubbornly pops up again, but I run to Christ for forgiveness and cleansing. May He help me not to commit this vile sin again!

See the difference? Christians must never embrace a life-dominating sin as their identity. Not even homosexuality.

I’ve written articles about that fact more than once. But I predict that I’ll write more articles along this line in the near future as the Gay Christian Movement continues to gain momentum.

Additionally, the visible church increasingly follows the lead of the broader culture in affirming homosexuality and condemning Christian ministries that seek to help people overcome that sin. While I readily admit that many methods employed by the ex-gay ministry that employed me were unbiblical, I remain convinced that the Holy Spirit has infinite power to deliver people, just as He has infinite power to deliver me from the sin of anger.

Either God’s omnipotent or He’s not. If He can’t liberate someone from homosexuality, how can I hope that He’ll liberate me from anger?

Homosexuality is no longer a subject confined to whispered innuendos. Although Biblical Christians have pretty much made all the arguments against it we can conceivably make, the growing acceptance of it in evangelical circles means that we must keep speaking out for God’s  standards. More than ever.

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