I Say It, But I Struggle To Mean It

Teardrop RoseHow many blog posts have I written piously declaring that life is about God’s glory rather than about what He can do on our behalf?  How many times have I insisted He created us for His purposes, not so that we can treat Him like a cosmic Butler Who exists to attend our every want?

Most assuredly, Christian bloggers run the risk of being gigantic hypocrites. Apparently, this little blogger isn’t immune from that risk.

Life at the Kespert household has been inundated with serious trials and pesky frustrations over the past six months, with very few good days mixed in. Lately I’ve been praying for just one week without trials. But crossing that threshold from 64 to 65 has convinced me that this earthly life will only get harder, with diminishing earthly pleasures.

The direction our culture is taking adds to my despair. Worse yet, professing Christians have jumped on the progressive bandwagon, embracing LBGTQIA ideologies, pushing for the empowerment of women and declaring that caucasian Christians must perpetually repent of our whiteness. The United States of America seems deliberately headed for totalitarian socialism, cheered on by people who claim allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ.

In short, those of us who actually believe God’s Word should expect serious persecution as soon as Trump leaves office. And when Medicare for all becomes a reality, don’t expect the elderly and disabled to receive quality care unless Christians step in to give us practical care.

For me, the present is distasteful. The earthly future is downright ugly!

Thankfully, there’s a future beyond this life that gives Christians cause for joy. Freed from external troubles and (hallelujah!) our sin natures, we will spend eternity worshiping our glorious Savior in His presence. The darkness and suffering we experience now simply won’t matter.

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. ~~Romans 8:18 (ESV)

I forget that promise much too often. I forget that it’s about Jesus Christ, not about me. I struggle to live with that perspective.

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