Movie Night With American Gospel

Friday night I resisted the urge to put another Bette Davis movie in the DVD player. Instead, I forked over the $4.99 to rent American Gospel: Christ Alone from Amazon Prime (it can also be rented from YouTube). Although I felt somewhat uncomfortable with the appearances of Jackie Hill-Perry and Matt Chandler, overall the film presented the Gospel accurately and exposed various ways that we distort and counterfeit it.

Please watch this trailer. I pray it will encourage you to rent the movie.

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One thought on “Movie Night With American Gospel

  1. I too had some reservations about Perry’s being on there. With Chandler, not as much of an issue considering his rebuke of furtick and that epic “the Bible’s not about you” sound byte. Had no idea he went through brain cancer. Perhaps some of the bizarre things he says is a product of that?

    One of the best movies anyone can ever see.


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