Saturday Sampler: April 28 — May 4

Spring 2018 Sampler

Only Leslie A could turn The Case of the Disappearing Hair Cream into a post about obedience to personal convictions. Whether you agree with her convictions on Contemporary Christian Music or not (she makes a compelling argument), focus on her main point of God’s faithfulness to reward obedience. Her blog, Growing 4 Life, challenges us to grow in Christian maturity.

I concur with Tim Challies: If the Bible Is Wrong, I’m So, So Wrong. Are you as invested in the Bible as he is?

Mosquitoes — nobody likes them. But in Just One Bite (Repost), Erin Benziger finds use for these nasty creatures by illustrating an important spiritual principle with a common mosquito bite. This post appears in Do Not Be Surprised.

If you’re reading this Saturday Sampler on May 4, I’m attending my church’s annual Women’s Conference. So Michelle Lesley shows remarkable timing in publishing Women’s Events on a Shoestring this week. (Michelle spoke at our 2016 Conference.)

Michael Coughlan, writing for Things Above Us, lists some Particular Effects of Particular Atonement for us to consider. I encourage those of you who object to Reformed Theology, as well as those who are just learning the Doctrines of Grace, to read and hold up to Scripture Michael’s defense of this controversial topic.

Showing the importance of understanding Bible verses in context, Elizabeth Prata of The End Time asks, Can We really Do All Things Through Christ? I’ve used Philippians 4:13 incorrectly in the past. Have you? Reading what Elizabeth writes about this familiar verse may help you determine how appropriately you’ve applied it.

Similarly, John Chester’s contribution to Parking Space 23, Reprise: You’re Using It Wrong: John 3:16 might challenge your understanding of the most well-known verse in all the Bible. It might also help you use it more effectively in evangelism.

Don’t miss Throwback Thursday: Religion or Jesus by Tom, the author at excatholic4christ. His simple story of two men who grew up Catholic speaks volumes.

Let’s close with a second essay from Elizabeth Prata.  This time, she examines the notion that “All you need to do to get to heaven is die” that so many people believe. Is heaven guaranteed to good people? If you believe so, I strongly urge you to consider what Elizabeth has to say.

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