Saturday Sampler: May 5 — May 11

Vexel Rose Trio

After reporting on the sad death of false teacher Rachel Held Evans last Saturday, Elizabeth Prata got verbally abused on both her blog and Twitter. She responds positively to this abuse in her essay, Disciples of false teachers, their anger, and what we can learn from this opportunity, which appears in The End Time.

Writing for the Grace to You Blog, Phil Johnson discusses The New Segregation that actually questions if white people can be saved. What a spiteful perversion of the Gospel!

Concluding his series on being salt and light for The Cripplegate, Jordan Standridge reveals The Reason God Made Us Salt and Light. He embeds all the other articles into the text of this post, making it easy to review them.

Leslie A exposes Five Lies Satan Really Wants You to Believe in Growing 4 Life. Have you fallen for any of these popular deceptions? I think we all have at one time or another. Thankfully, Leslie brings us to Scriptures that refute Satan’s lies and correct our thinking. This article stands out as a must read!

Apparently, Beth Moore and other women plan to preach sermons on  Mother’s Day. Owen Strachan responds to this disturbing trend by writing Divine Order in a Chaotic Age: Women Preaching for Patheos. He makes superb points that all of us should heed.

The Cripjgegate features a second notable post — this time by Eric Davis. A New Kind of Pharisee profiles social media pundits who are too busy advancing new rules of Social Justice to engage in thoughtful conversation.

Discernment bloggers of late have fallen under suspicion — some of them quite deservedly, I’m sorry to say. Mike Leake, who blogs at Borrowed Light, analyzes this trend in The Art of the Unintended Consequence. I recommend his post with the caveat that several discernment bloggers still do speak truth in a measured and loving manner. Don’t let Leake make you fearful of discernment ministry as a whole.

Mike Ratliff of Possessing the Treasure takes no prisoners! His piece, The superiority of Christ, the cost of discipleship, and the genuine Gospel cuts away at the pablum that most 21st Century churches spew, bringing us back to core Biblical principles.

In Knowable Word, Peter Krol shows us How to Understand the Context of the Psalms (something I’ve never thought about). Please don’t pass this one up — it gives refreshing insight into how we can worship though the Psalms.

With a righteous indignation that more of us should have, Michelle Lesley wears out her laptop with The Mother of All Rebellions: Having a Woman Preach on Mother’s Day. Praise God for people like Michelle who stand on God’s Word rather than kowtow to the defiance of our secular culture!

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