Saturday Sampler: May 19 — May 25

Flower Sampler

In Christian Persecution: Happens more often than you think, SlimJim of The Domain for Truth lifts the curtain (just a little) to reveal what believers around the world suffer for the sake of the Gospel.

Weighing in on the debate about women preaching, Michelle Lesley writes The Mailbag: Counter Arguments to Egalitarianism based on Scripture. She correctly asserts that this is absolutely not a secondary issue! I love her passion for upholding God’s Word.

What Is Discernment? Sinclair Ferguson answers that question in an article for the Ligonier blog.

Both single women and mothers of teenage girls will appreciate Grace Hody’s post, Hook Ups and the Whole Person, featured in Biblical Woman this week. Grace counsels wisely and compassionately on how to navigate dating in a way that protects personal integrity and honors the Lord.

In general, I feel reluctant to share anything from The Gospel Coalition blog because so many of its writers seem to be going left on social issues. But Is There Really an ‘Orthodox’ View on Sexuality by Trevin Wax is a rare exception. It demonstrates the early Church’s commitment to sexual purity in contrast to the surrounding culture’s licentiousness. We can learn from the early Church’s example.

Denny Burk explains Why it is important not to conflate prophecy and teaching in discussions about women preaching. This article gives us a lot of food for thought to munch on.

Go to The Domain for Truth and take SlimJim’s Quick Spiritual DNA Test to see if you’re truly a child of God.

For a clear, although sad, analysis of the Social Justice Movement, you might want to read The Social Justice Dividing Line in Delivered By Grace. Josh Buice outlines the various difficulties in making distinctions between Social Justice and Biblical justice. This matter is creating serious problems among evangelicals, and this analysis defines the controversy better than anything else I’ve read.

In a pleasantly surprising installment to Knowable Word, Peter Krol shows us how Context Matters: He Who Began a Good Work in You. I appreciate the way Krol brings out the rich texture of a beloved verse!

Elizabeth Prata gives an important Thought for the Day in The End Time about where we keep our minds. Ladies, please pray for Elizabeth as she battles a stubborn and potentially dangerous case of pneumonia. We need her well for many reasons — including her insightful essays.

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