Saturday Sampler: May 26 — June 1


Apparently the Lord has been gracious in helping Elizabeth Prata through her battle with pneumonia, because she’s able to write fresh essays for The End Time again! Keep praying for her to have a full recovery. In the meantime, Finding sound doctrine in the days of tickling ears might be just what the doctor ordered…for you!

Okay, so as a Baby Boomer I appreciate Tom’s Bob Dylan’s “Christian” phase in excatholic4christ. But he makes a point that people of any generation need to consider.

Hallelujah! Michelle Lesley has A New Addition: Biblical Counseling Resources on her website. Biblical Counseling, as opposed to so-called Christian counseling, doesn’t integrate psychology into its practice. Instead, it applies principles straight from the Word of God. Praise God that Michelle provides this invaluable resource to help hurting women.

In a heartwarming post about her dog, Leslie A of Growing 4 Life challenges our devotion to the Lord. Are we willing to follow Him At All Costs?

Even if your church doesn’t belong to the Southern Baptist Convention, Why the SBC Should Say “No More” to Beth Moore by Josh Buice of Delivered By Grace will help you understand the severe problems this woman creates.

Examining the benefits and dangers of blogging, Tim Challies answers the question, What Does It Mean To Be A Christian Blogger? With so much animosity flying around the Internet these days, Tim’s reminder of our responsibility to conduct ourselves in ways that honor Christ is sorely needed.

Can We Redeem Queer Culture? asks Fred Butler on his Hip And Thigh blog.

On Possessing the Treasure, Mike Ratliff discusses The tragic results of denying the resurrection. The resurrection is really the cornerstone of the Christian faith, and yet many of us neglect it.

In a disturbing, but necessary, guest post for Theology Gals, Stephanie Schumacher details Why Your Church (and You, Believer) Should Stop Associating with MOPS International. It’s a sad article,  and I feel no joy in bringing it to you. Yet we need to know when historically reliable ministries begin promoting things that undermine the Gospel.

Let’s have a second dose of Michelle Lesley this week. Mythbusting Complentarianism: 4 Truths Egalitarians Need to Know About Complimentarian Women challenges assumptions that egalitarians commonly make about those of us who embrace the roles that Scripture assigns to women. You’ll  come away from this post with a fresh perspective on sexism.

Although I took a class on the Early Church Fathers in college, I remember nothing. Shame on me! Leonardo De Chirico’s latest installment in The Vatican Files offers both encouragement and guidance for reading them. Take a look at Five Principles for Interpreting the Church Fathers and see if it doesn’t inspire you.

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