Saturday Sampler: June 2 — June 8

Tulips01Sometimes a Biblical answer surprises us. Read The Mailbag: Stay at Home Dads? by Michelle Lesley and see if she responds according to your expectations.

Enjoy Faith Sits — a pithy insight that Douglas Wilson shares on Blog & Mablog.

Elizabeth Prata is at least a decade younger than I am, but on The End Time she expresses thoughts that have flitted through my mind lately. So late so soon? puts my thoughts in Biblical perspective. Even if you’re still on the happier side of 50, you will benefit from this essay.

As much as we resist the idea, Spiritual growth comes through humility under the lash. Mike Ratliff supports this thesis in Possessing the Treasure by quoting both William Tyndale and the Word of God.

Check out Jared Olivetti’s How to disagree with your spiritual leaders on the Gentle Reformation blog. His tips could actually give you a better relationship with your pastor and/or elders as you show respect in expressing your concerns.

You’ve seen the memes: Moses Was a Murderer (and other things the Bible doesn’t say). Stephen McAlpine examines what the Bible says  about Moses, and explains the difficulties with memes of this nature.

Kim Shay, writing for Out of the Ordinary, answers the question, Do I Need to Change the World? I appreciate the way she looks to Romans 12 for the answer.

Over at Reformation 21, Lisa Robinson Spencer contributes her thoughts On Platt and Priorities. Whether or not you agree with her political positions, I hope you’ll recognize that she adheres to the Word of God in respect to praying for those in positions of secular authority. Her article displays both grace and spiritual maturity.

For an in-depth look at how the Lord blesses us through suffering, read Michael Coughlan’s Psalm 119:65-68 — Afflicted by God in Things Above Us. It may challenge your theology. Actually, it most likely will challenge your theology. But it will also assure you of God’s love and goodness when He calls you to go through difficulties.

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