An Open Letter To Beth Moore

Dear Beth Moore

Below is a letter asking Beth Moore to clarify her position on homosexuality. Although I am not the author of this letter, I have signed it. Please post this on any and all social media platforms you use, and (if you have a blog) consider reblogging it. My fellow signers and I appreciate your help in bringing this important question to Mrs. Moore’s attention. Thank you.

Dear Mrs. Moore,

Hello – we hope this finds you doing well.

We as female Bible teachers ourselves write this letter to you in hopes of receiving clarification of your views on an important issue: homosexuality.

In the last few years, particularly since 2016, you have been very vocal in your opposition to misogyny and racism. Anytime a story with so much of a whiff of these issues comes to the forefront you are very quick to speak out. The actions of the Covington kids, for example, you said “is so utterly antichrist it reeks of the vomit of hell” in a January 19, 2019 tweet; a tweet you deleted, without apology to the kids, once the full video was shown that portrayed a very different reality than what initial reporting suggested.

It is this Johnny-on-the-spot readiness to engage issues related to misogyny and racism that makes your virtual silence on the issue of homosexuality so puzzling.

To your credit, in your book To Live is Christ: The Life and Ministry of Paul, you wrote, “I met a young man who had experienced freedom from the bondage of homosexuality” (pg. 119). This book was first published in 1997 and then republished in 2008 but it seems since then you have said very little if anything publicly about this issue.

Another factor prompting our open letter to you is the very public mutual affection and admiration between you, Jen Hatmaker and Jonathan Merritt.

Jen Hatmaker and you regularly exchange affirming posts of one another on social media. In just one recent example, Hatmaker on September 17, 2018 wrote “Beth Moore will enjoy my respect and devotion forever. She is worthy of being a mentor to an entire generation. And friends, I wish you knew how deeply and profoundly she has loved me these last two years” (Source). In an interview two years before this post, October of 2016, Jen Hatmaker said she was a “left-leaning moderate,” came out as fully supportive of homosexual marriage (saying it can be “holy”) and said practicing homosexuals can be part of the regenerate body of Christ (Source). It was then that LifeWay decided to pull all of her books from its shelves.

More recently, on April 9, 2019, Jonathan Merritt tweeted, “I no longer believe @BethMooreLPM is a human. I think she is an angelic being having a human experience.” (Source). Jonathan Merritt has admitted to having at least one homosexual encounter about a decade ago (Source). Today, by his own admission he rejects biblical inerrancy, says a “liberal Protestant” would be an accurate description of him, and says his sexual orientation he no longer views as “broken” (Source). In a crass response to Dr. Owen Strachan tweeting, rightly so, that there should never be an occasion in which men “cuddle” with one another, Merritt on May 1, 2019 tweeted in response, “C’mon, Owen. You can be my little spoon” (Source). Merritt also openly affirms that “queer” and LGBTQ people are included in God’s Kingdom and it is a “carrot of false promises” that the Gospel can make such people straight (Source, Source). He supports “Drag Queen Story Time” in which drag queens read stories to young children in public libraries (Source 27:40 mark). He even appears to doubt the exclusivity of Christ (Source).

Both Jen Hatmaker and Jonathan Merritt are known for their belief that practicing homosexuals can be Christians. Given that this is such a deeply held conviction that both share and this conviction (wrong though it is) has cost them both in their standing amongst theologically conservative evangelicals, and that they both praise you so highly, it raises the natural question as to where you stand on this issue.

Given his beliefs, Merritt publicly saying that he believes you to be “an angelic being having a human experience” strongly suggests that his high praise of you is, at least partially, rooted in your views on this issue that you have shared with him privately. It seems most unlikely that he would be praising you so highly if you had told him that as a homosexual man he will perish for all of eternity unless he repents. It likewise seems unlikely that Hatmaker (a married, straight woman) would praise you so highly if you told her that her affirmation of homosexuality and homosexual marriage is sinful and that she must repent.

When all of this is coupled with your total silence on homosexuality (in stark contrast to your very vocal stance on gender/racial/abuse issues) it naturally raises the question as to what your beliefs on it truly are.

With these factors in mind, and knowing that millions of people follow your teachings, we would like to ask you:

  1. Do you believe homosexuality is inherently sinful?
  2. Do you believe that the practice of the homosexual lifestyle is compatible with holy Christian living?
  3. Do you believe a person who dies as a practicing homosexual but professes to be a Christian will inherit eternal life?
  4. Do you believe same sex attraction is, in and of itself, an inherently sinful, unnatural, and disordered desire that must be mortified?
  5. Why have you been so silent on this subject in light of your desire to “teach the word of God?”

We ask these questions to you out of genuine concern. As Bible teachers, all of us are held to a very high standard and will give an account for how we handle God’s word.  As you know, homosexuality is widely discussed and debated amongst evangelicals and society at large.

Many families are affected by this issue. The most loving thing obedient Christians can do for them is to clearly communicate God’s truth. We look forward to your clarification on these pressing issues. Thank you.

Kind regards,

Susan Heck

Debbie Lynne Kespert

Michelle Lesley

Martha Peace

Elizabeth Prata

Amy Spreeman

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25 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Beth Moore

  1. Beth’s reply will probably be, “God told me it’s ok.” Just like when God told her to comb a stranger’s hair at an airport, and to hang around with joyce meyer & osteen etc etc etc etc etc #timetosaybyebye


    • Actually, she did one of her indirect Twitter rants about Bible beaters who don’t exhibit the fruit of the Spirit. That’s probably all the response we’ll get.


  2. It certainly seems against the gospel to assume that one cannot be friends with people because you interpret scripture differently. The world wide CHURCH has many different interpretations on many theological issues and yet we are one. Just because you disagree with her does not mean that she is operating outside of biblical orthodoxy. Not everyone needs to speak on everything – we all have topics that are especially in our view at certain times. Most importantly, Scripture would direct you to conduct this inquiry one-on-one with Mrs. Moore, not use it as fodder for your blogs. It seems you may have a log in your own eye to remove.


    • We’re not condemning the friendships. We simply want to know if she’s softened her position on homosexuality in order to maintain these friendships.

      Beth Moore is a public figure. For that reason it’s entirely appropriate to address her theological positions publicly. Just as you have publicly addressed the log in my eye here.


    • Amen!!! Could not agree more, J Mill. This sadly looks more like a publicity stunt than concerned sisters in Christ. Perhaps Beth wants all people to see Christ in her and then let the Holy Spirit convict and direct them as to their lifestyle. People who are struggling with same sex attraction want to be loved and accepted (like we all do). Wasn’t it the kindness of Jesus that led people to repentance? He never initiated conversations with finger pointing … except to the Pharisees.


    • There is no interpreting the Scripture differently. The Old and New Testament both says that they will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. The Scripture is very clear. However Beth Moore is a false teacher and a heretic so it doesn’t really matter what she says. She’s just as left as her counterparts are.


  3. I don’t understand why simply being friendly with people of opposing views on big matters and speaking up on misogyny and racism would prompt one to wonder if she’s softened her stance on homosexual conduct. It just doesn’t follow to me.


  4. As a Christian woman it is so disheartening to see Christians wanting to nail Beth Moore. The suggestion because she is friends with people like Jen H.that somehow that is questionable about her stance on issues and even her testimony. Poor Jen BTW- You Christians, These are the very things Jesus condemns. Posing these black and white questions to her shows you are for sure operating in the first half of the Christian life- like we have the power to claim “ who’s in and who’s out” loving to be right more than loving mercy. Making sure she claims this as the unforgivable sin, that when death comes would they be granted eternal life if the are “in their sin” why not one of your questions be “ if a person gossips, lies, over eats, drinks too much, over worries, lives from their ego and dies in that state do they inherit eternal life”? I sense no love here and that is troubling to say the least. Maybe in God’s kingdom there is room for everyone, and just maybe HE decides.


    • Just a note that I’m approving negative comments out of fairness to those who disagree with us. However, I refuse to be sucked into arguments. I understand that Michelle Lesley, Elizabeth Prata, Amy Spreeman and I have ruffled a lot of feathers, but we believe our letter was respectful and appropriate. We look forward to straightforward answers from Beth Moore.


      • You missed the whole point. I read the letter to be fair. I have studied the Bible for over 40 years. The letter is wonderfully respectful! However, why are you picking on one sin and why are you putting out an open letter without knowing the factual truth on her position.? The biblical Christ like way would have been to find out the facts and then posted an open letter. That is the biblical way. Right now you have committed slander and possible lies. Also what is wrong with her speaking about racism and the horrible acts of abuse to women and children. These horrible acts of abuse have been uncovered in the church and will never be the actions of people who truly honor Christ. You can add human trafficking of children being done by many people in the church. There is not much difference inside and outside the church on this hideous atrocity.
        Homosexuality is a sin. But it is only one sin out of many hideous sins. And right now the church, including my own denomination, has some very hideous sins to deal with. Cannot preach to others about their sin when you are not facing your own sin.
        Your letter is just going to cause more division and more people slandering and gossiping. According to Proverbs 6:16 these are abominations just as much as homosexuality.
        You did wrong here and you did not handle it biblically. Like Jesus said only those without sin may cast the first stone!
        Praying for you! Do not mean to be harsh ! Have a great day!


  5. If you have an issue with a fellow Christian, would not the proper first step be to go to that brother or sister in Christ privately and talk to them. Did you send this letter to Beth Moore privately last month or something like that before challenging a fellow believer in public?


  6. Even though I do not know you, I believe you and the women who wrote the open letter to be sisters in Christ. And even though I do not know Beth Moore personally, I believe her to be a sister in Christ. God has used her in my life to encourage my faith in Him. I’ve been keenly aware of the accusations against her over the years and, therefore, have had my discerning ears open as I listen to her teach. I attend a Reformed church who does not promote Beth. I am under biblical teaching and yet I have a discerning ear when I listen to my pastor teach; I haven’t always agreed with him. All that said, you, your friends, Beth and many are all desiring the same thing: to win others to Christ. If we Christians continue to focus on these social issues that result from this broken and sinful world with each other, we might be doing more harm than good in reaching the world for Christ. I’m not saying we accept sin for the sake of Christ. I’m just not sure the public arena is a place for addressing this even though Beth is in the public eye. There are Continuists, Cessasionists, those believing in infants baptisms, those that don’t, Lutherans, Baptists, Calvinists, Arminians, etc, etc. All will be represented in Heaven. Let’s all focus on the gospel of Christ; let’s all encourage each other in word and deed. These social issues resulting from sin will go down in flames one day. Let’s not breed more division in the body if Christ but love them to Christ and trust the Holy Spirit to do the work. Let’s pray the Holy Spirit will work and move in those hearts of influence. I am a blogger but I will not be reposting your open letter.


  7. The way I know you have an axe to grind is in your first two paragraphs about the Covington incident. Your words give you away–this is at least politically motivated. I suspect that you don’t like Moore because she called out evangelicals on their hypocrisy regarding Trump. Otherwise, those first few paragraphs would not have been even necessary and certainly worded in such a catty way.


  8. Very good open letter. Thank you sisters for having the courage to bring this important matter to light.

    The Bible does not teach the nonsense that all sins are equal, contrary to the views of those who want to shrug off the seriousness of perversion. Sexual immorality is NOT something on which Christians can agree to disagree! (I Thessalonians 4:2-8; Revelation 2:20-23)

    If unrepentant practicing homosexual Jonathan Merritt expresses this kind of adoration for Beth Moore, it’s not conceivable that she upholds Biblical teaching on homosexuality in her communications with him.


  9. In reading all these comments, those who use scripture (chapter and verse noted) indicate the importance they place on God’s Word. Thank you. It’s an importance all of us should take note otherwise people are relying on their own understanding. A deeper Bible study would show (cast the first stone) John 7:53-8:11 was not part of the original manuscripts. The brackets surrounding the scriptures indicate the “heads-up”. I will say, any public figure who relies on God’s Word to gain popularity and then use that popularity to question God’s Word needs to think twice. People are listening. People want an excuse for sin. Some, unfortunately, are propagating or at the very least providing an acceptance or “loop hole” to continue on the broad road that God certainly makes clear is not of Him. God never gives gray areas on such importance of family destruction. He is clear and I am GRATEFUL, Debbie that you all have the courage to do what you are doing. You aren’t the first as other generations have given their lives for God’s Truth. How else will people feel secure in how the Bible instructs us for salvation? Did God compromise in His instruction? No. It appears the person became famous on God’s Word and instead of taking the responsibility that comes with such instruction, she is now using her own words of omission to keep that fame when society threatens it. We are to be separate from the world and now it has never been more clear to a Christian what that means. Is it easy? The narrow path never is. I just wish people would use other sources to gain their fame instead of clouding the path of so many seeking it and may I say, causing others to stumble? I certainly don’t want to misquote Paul’s teaching but it seems very dangerous to only include the scriptures that are convenient. It’s not easy doing what you are doing. I love you and those sisters and brother in Christ staying true to God’s Word. You are the ones who really love those enough to tell them the Truth. God’s Truth.

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