Saturday Sampler: June 16 — June 22


We’re in the middle of Gay Pride Month, and many join the LBGTQ community in celebrating sexual sin. The secular media has been emboldened to teach young children to embrace same sex marriage as normal and good. Writing for Abounding Grace Radio, R. Scott Clark points to this trend as a prime example of Why You Should Not Let Hollywood Catechize Your Children.

Posting on The End Time, Elizabeth Prata reminds us that The only way to deal with sin is to mortify it. She echoes a basic Biblical principle — a principle that present-day evangelicals routinely ignore.

Don’t read Clint Archer’s Selfie-Syndrome: Overcoming Narcissism on The Cripplegate unless you’re mature enough to accept conviction from the Holy Spirit. But if you want the Lord to help you out of selflessness,  I highly recommend that you read the article and do some business with Him.

God created you to do amazing things? Michelle Lesley takes on this popular saying by comparing it to God’s Word and encouraging women who believe their lives amount to little. Please, if you feel at all discouraged about your contribution to God’s kingdom, read Michelle’s post. (It also shows us how to use Scripture in discernment.)

I’m not surprised that Erin Benziger finds spiritual lessons in some rouge flowers in her driveway. Check out More Than a Pansy on her Do Not Be Surprised blog for two wonderful glimpses into God’s sovereignty.

Although Christy Britton writes primarily to writers in Eyes Up, her counsel in this post for Servants of Grace apples to anyone. It dovetails beautifully with Michelle’s piece. I encourage you to read both — they certainly minister to me regarding my temptation to judge the effectiveness of The Outspoken TULIP by numbers.

SharaC of Into the Foolishness of God examines the trend of Wrestling with Scriptures that don’t conform to popular culture.

Where did the term complentarianism come from? Denny Burk gives us a peek into recent church history with his article, Complentarianism? What’s in a name? This blog post helps us understand the reasons for adopting this name and embracing this position.

In The Cripplegate, Jesse Johnson teaches A simple method to strengthen your prayer life. You may not agree with all of his points (neither do I), but a lot of what he says really puts prayer in an interesting perspective.

Expanding on a recent Tweet he made, Darrell Harrison enumerates Six Reasons the Church in American is Becoming Increasingly Impotent in his Just Thinking for Myself blog. His assessment deserves careful attention, as I believe he correctly diagnoses some prominent maladies in evangelicalism.

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