Saturday Sampler: June 23 — June 29

Fish Sampler

Each Sunday, Pyromaniacs provides our “weekly dose of Spurgeon” by quoting lengthy passages from the sermons and writings of C.H. Spurgeon. This week they quote a medley of passages in Spurgeon on women preaching. Helpful  stuff!

Emma at My Redemption for His Glory blogs about The One Thing Keeping Us From God. She holds up some strong challenges that each of us must consider, but she also brings us back to our merciful Savior.

With a careful balance of respect for the dead and concern for the deceived, Pastor Gabriel Hughes writes Remembering (and Responding to) Rachel Held Evans. Because Rachel’s followers continue to read her books and believe her false teaching, Gabe rightly understands the necessity of countering her assertions.

I’m recommending a second item from Pyromaniacs this week, this time written by Hohn Cho. The Complimentarian Responsibility Toward Women is primarily aimed to men (pastors, in particular), but as women we can see how Biblical masculinity offers us protection and security.

As a baby boomer, I appreciate Tom of excatholic4christ for writing One last time to witness for Jesus? in response to an obituary in his local paper.

Although I don’t anticipate deleting my personal Facebook page quite yet (that separation is becoming a distinct possibility at some point, I admit), I believe Mark McIntyre of Attempts at Honesty makes some important observations in Living up to our Facebook Page. See what you think.

Golf and the Sanctity of Life, which Richard Holderman writes for Gentle Reformation, is definitely heartwarming. But it also requires us to think about why we should value human life.

Writing from personal experience (and most likely very recent experience), Michelle Lesley offers Five Words of Encouragement for Spiritual Warfare’s Battle-Weary Soldiers. As always, she substantiates each point with abundant Scripture — one of the reasons I love her work so much.

Posting to The End Time, Elizabeth Prata assists us in Learning when to stay in and when to separate out. She draws from the wisdom of Proverbs to make a practical and timely application.

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One thought on “Saturday Sampler: June 23 — June 29

  1. Thank you for creating these lists! I found quite a few helpful points/posts for my own walk with Christ this week. 🙂

    Also, thank you so much for sharing a blog post of mine. I’m honoured to be featured here! ☺️


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