Saturday Sampler: June 30 — July 6


Have you ever wondered where the Roman Catholic Church came up with their devotion to Mary? Leonardo De Chirico reviews a book on that very topic in 164. From the Mary of the Bible to the Mary of Manifold Devotions for the Vatican Files. He includes points for evangelicals to consider.

Although I didn’t highlight the first two installments of Leslie A’s series on worldly attitudes among Christians in Growing 4 Life, I very much recommend Thinking Beyond the Obvious (Part 3). This one is truly excellent! As a bonus, she includes links to her first two articles. Check them out.

Taking us carefully through John 3:1-20, Mike Ratliff of Possessing the Treasure asks Are you born again? This is one of the clearest expositions of the passage that I’ve ever read. What do you think?

Blogging for Abounding Grace Radio, R. Scott Clark reflects on Revoice, Nashville, And The Therapeutic Revolution. Lots of food for thought here, ladies!

Do you know what The Most Politically Incorrect Bible Passage is? Alan Schlemon shows it to us in his post for Stand to Reason, and then he explains why it’s also one of the most powerful Bible passages. Curious?  Well then, click the link and find out why this politically incorrect passage has such power.

Take a look at Elizabeth Prata’s thought provoking essay, Our associations matter: Biblical study on when to stay and when to separate in The End Time.  In navigating through false concepts of love and tolerance, the Scriptures she shares offer good guidance.

Jesse Johnson of The Cripplegate writes “Persecution emboldened me!” as an encouragement to believers. Please don’t miss this powerful article!

During my years in Charismatic circles, we’d occasionally refer to Calvinists as “The Frozen Chosen” as a term of derision. Guy Richards examines this term for the Ligonier blog in his article, The Frozen Chosen (which he originally wrote for Tabletalk Magazine). He fails to mention how the nickname is used to suggest that those of us in Reformed circles supposedly don’t experience the Holy Spirit, but he does a wonderful job of showing that we’re anything but frozen!

Sobering posts aren’t fun to read, but often they’re essential. Propaganda Being Taught to the Children in Biblical Beginnings confronts us with some uncomfortable realities, but it also balances those hard truths with unexpected encouragement.

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