Saturday Sampler: July 7 — July 13

Doily Sampler Pink

Giving us our “weekly dose of Spurgeon,” Pyromaniacs publishes Turn Away as an encouragement to focus our gaze on the right things. You’ll appreciate the practical instruction in this brief meditation.

Those of you following the current events with Beth Moore might appreciate An Open Letter to Beth Moore — Timeline of Events compiled by Michelle Lesley. Keep this post handy; Michelle will add updates as things progress.

You might also wish to visit The End Time to read The importance of a Bible teacher’s transparency: it relates to accountability by Elizabeth Prata.  She makes extremely important points that we must take seriously.

Ever the gracious Southern gentleman, Justin Peters pens My Thoughts on Beth Moore’s Blog Post with such gentleness and respect that the truth he shares seems easier to digest.  He brings out a fresh perspective on the situation that some of you might really appreciate.

Continuing her series on worldly attitudes that ensnare Christians, Leslie A of Growing 4 Life challenges the ways we respond to criticism in Thinking Beyond the Obvious (Part 4). Given the climate in social media these days, her Biblical wisdom demands our attention.

In his article for Gentle Reformation, Kyle E. Sims cries More About Jesus I World Know. He illuminates the beauty of understanding theology.

Parents,  Matthew Tuck’s  essay, Reading the Bible to My Son in Not Ourselves, is both touching and instructive. Not only will you enjoy reading it (the writing alone is splendid), but you’ll come away inspired to teach God’s Word to your own children.

If you want a more intellectual approach to the Christian response to homosexuality, go to Blog & Magog for Douglas Wilson’s piece, Emoting Like Pelagians. I appreciate the lesson on theology as well as the practical application to one of today’s most pressing issues.

Nathan Busenitz, in his article for The Cripplegate, encourages us toward Heavenly Clarity as we swim through the fog of earthly troubles. Why do I use the metaphor of  swimming through fog? You’ll have to read the article to find out!

Having lived in a nursing home for pretty much two years, I greatly appreciate Michael Coughlin for posting Go Therefore: Nursing Home in Things Above Us. I would add that nursing home residents need more than brief visits and monthly Bible Studies. They need real friends who visit often and spend time with them. It’s a truly horrible way to live — a Christian who makes genuine investments in these suffering people has a powerful opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ.

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