Saturday Sampler: July 14 — July 20


Although I haven’t really vetted The Transformed Wife, Was the Purity Culture Harmful and Dangerous?  by Lori Alexander and her husband Ken raises points that we ought to seriously consider.

Denny Burk warns us to Beware of a “Test the Fruit” Hermeneutic. It never ceases to astound me to see ways that professing Christians manage to turn Scripture on its ear in order to justify sin.

Emma, who blogs at My Redemption for His Glory, reflects on her personal struggle to understand discernment in her post, Working Through Discernment | Hard Things. She reaches a conclusion that should be an example to all of us. Please put this one on your Must Read list!

The Ligonier blog features R.C. Sproul’s teaching on 3 Types of Legalism this week. If you’ve ever been called a legalist or a Pharisee, this piece will help you determine whether or not those accusations apply to you.

In a wonderfully convicting essay, Elizabeth Prata challenges our hypocrisy by writing ‘Looking this way and that’: About that secret sin… What a great reminder that we must maintain personal holiness! Dip into this blog post to see the reasons she provides.

The desire of a false teacher is to deceive, states Mike Ratliff of Possessing the Treasure. His post is uncharacteristically short, but it definitely wakes us up to the reality that false teachers don’t have our best interests in mind.

Believers must be above reproach, especially in our interactions with members of the opposite sex. That’s why Denny Burk offers Ten Thoughts about the “Billy Graham Rule” for us to ponder.

Banned by Amazon by Joe Dallas is both chilling and encouraging. Joe and I crossed paths a few times during my involvement in ex-gay ministry, and he has an amazing testimony. Thankfully, Amazon can’t silence him.

His annual reading of Pilgrim’s Progress led Greg Peterson to think about the Difficulties in Believing and to share his ruminations in a blog post for Parking Space 23. If you’re discouraged about unsaved family and friends, his thoughts offer the encouragement you need.

Tim Ferrara writes Discerning Dad primarily to  other young fathers.Every now and then, however, he’ll come up with something that applies to all Christians. Without Defect is one such article. I really hope you’ll read it. But even more, I hope all of us will put his ideas into practice.

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Sampler: July 14 — July 20

  1. I love that we can still be blessed by R.C. Sproul even now! I get his podcast each day, it’s a great resource for learning and being edified by Gods Word.


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