Saturday Sampler: July 21 — July 27

Flower Sampler

Brace yourselves! This week Pyromaniacs shares an excerpt from the writings of Charles Spurgeon that reads like a splash of cold water. “What weak creatures we are!” confronts our assumptions about how  life should treat us. Although it will initially shock you, this piece will ultimately encourage your spiritual maturity.

Even if you don’t teach a women’s Bible Study or write a Bible Study blog, Ryan Higginbottom’s Behind the Scenes: My Bible Study Tools and Process will give you ideas and inspiration for studying God’s Word. Ryan blogs at Knowable Word on Mondays.

Visit The End Time for Elizabeth Prata’s brilliant essay, Enough with the ‘Girl, you are enough’. She applies an unexpected passage of Scripture to this popular craze to demonstrate how it robs God of His glory.

Leslie A of   Growing 4 Life opens up about an intense personal struggle in her blog post, His Will, Not Mine. As always, she uses the Word of God to get herself (and us) back on the right track.

In the wake of two popular evangelicals joining the ranks of apostates, Stephen McAlpine writes I Kissed Rating Goodbye as his personal reflection on the Young, Restless & Reformed movement.

Have you ever wondered about Mark 16:9-20? Charismatics cling to that passage while most other Christians scratch their heads in bewilderment. Jeremiah Johnson of the Grace to You blog writes Did Christ Promise Us Supernatural Power and Protection? to help us make sense of that passage.

Discerning fear-based repentance, which Jesse Johnson writes for The Cripplegate, draws an intriguing distinction between two Old Testament conversions that were both initially motivated by fear.

SharaC, author of Into the Foolishness of God, comments on the sad announcement that Josh Harris is Kissing Jesus Goodbye as well as ending his marriage. She isn’t saying tsk, tsk in self-righteous judgment, however. She sees serious implications regarding his decisions that all professing Christians really need to face.

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