Saturday Sampler: August 11 — August 17

Flower mask sampler

Drawing from her training and experience in professional journalism, Elizabeth Prata shows us How to detect bias in, sadly, even Christian reporting in The End Time. I see many people who purport to have discernment relying on blogs and news outlets that violate journalistic standards all the time, so I welcome Elizabeth’s thoughtful analysis of the reporting on our Open Letter To Beth Moore. The original signers of the letter and Beth Moore were both misrepresented in these reports.

In The Midwestern Baptist, Pastor Gabe Hughes reflects on the growing apostasy by writing Hillsong Worship Leader Leaves the Faith. He doesn’t really say anything new, but he certainly reminds us of Scripture’s teaching on the matter.

Mark McIntyre of Attempts at Honesty says he’s Weary of the pressure to be “Woke”. So am I. And for pretty much the same reasons that Mark lists.

Adding his voice to the conversation on apostasy, Tim Challies identifies some Missing Elements in Our Discussions about Apostasy that are well worth our attention. He ends on a hopeful note — something rare in most of the articles and podcasts I’ve come across in the last few weeks. Because of this refreshing take on an otherwise depressing topic, I’m enthusiastic about recommending it to you!

I can usually depend on Leslie A to write something Biblical and worthwhile in Growing 4 Life. Standing Strong in a Confusing Christianity proves my point. Don’t miss her practical wisdom on navigating through the spiritual minefield of 21st Century evangelicalism.

Look, look LOOK! My poor husband is a bit baffled at my delighted squealing, but I’m doing verbal cartwheels! Michelle Lesley announces something exciting with Introducing: A Word Fitly Spoken — A Podcast by Michelle Lesley and Amy Spreeman. How can anyone not be excited?

The Ligonier blog posts a short video of the late R.C. Sproul answering the question, Can a Person be 100% Sure of His or Her Salvation? I appreciate his surprising, yet well thought out, response.

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