Saturday Sampler: August 18 — August 24

BrideGivvenMark Mclntyre’s Attempts at Honesty get very honest as he writes Cowardice masquerading as Grace, expressing a struggle that I know all too well. If you have difficulty with confrontation, you’ll appreciate his exhortation.

Don’t you love it when someone has the courage to tackle difficult questions? For instance, Michelle Lesley takes on a particularly challenging one by writing The Mailbag: Can unforgiveness cause you to lose your salvation? As I said ForRicherForPoorerbefore, I love the way Michelle reasons from the Scriptures.

Not only does Erin Benziger have a tender heart, but even the tragic death of a baby bird can cause her to reflect on God’s care for His creation. Please read His Eye Is On the Sparrow in Do Not Be Surprised.

It’s  been a while since I’ve written anything about the Reformation. Shame on me! Happily, Simonetta Carr, in her article for Place for Truth, tells us about Katherine Parr and Her Role in the English Reformation. Before you protest that history is dull and JohnsRingboring,  why don’t you check this one out? It just might surprise you!

Writing for Morning by Morning, Rachel Campbell posts Songs of the Saints: The Significance of Singing to discuss how we worship the Lord through song. She helps us evaluate not merely what we sing but why we choose songs. Best of all, she reminds us of the eternal significance of singing.

Cutting CakeI haven’t fully vetted Your Mom has a Blog by Melissa Edgington yet, but The Blessing of Heaven as a Near Reality touches me. This sweet musing offers encouragement to adopt an eternal perspective. You don’t even have to wait until you’re old!

Have you ever marveled at The intersection of Sovereignty and free will? In The End Time, Elizabeth Prata discusses two examples of God’s sovereignty in free will choices. I don’t think you’ll expect these particular examples, which is why her essay deserves your attention.

Mr & Mrs K.

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Sampler: August 18 — August 24

  1. What sweet and lovely pics – Happy Anniversary!!!! Thanks for sharing those with us. Also, always love your sampler – thanks so much for these articles!

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