Saturday Sampler: August 25 — August 31


It horrifies me now, but I used to almost buy into the perverted interpretation of Hebrews 2:18 and Hebrews 4:15 that people use to justify same sex attraction. In Did Jesus struggle with his gender and his sexuality? Was he tempted to same sex attraction? Elizabeth Prata of The End Time debunks the myth that same sex attraction is morally neutral.

Being in my mid-60s, I appreciate Tim Challies for challenging me through his article, Gray Hair and a Righteous Life. But really, younger readers need his counsel just as much as we seniors do.

As a contributing writer for Morning by Morning, Chelsea Stanley shares Songs of the Saints: Overcoming Anxiety Moment by Moment as a testimony to God’s grace in using a hymn to keep her mind focused on Him. I think you’ll appreciate her encouragement.

Tom from excatholic4christ takes on some Twisted logic from an ecumenically-minded evangelical by reminding us what Roman Catholicism actually teaches. His understanding of both Catholic and Protestant doctrine qualify him to address ecumenical sentiments.

For a fascinating read, visit Growing 4 Life, where Leslie A explains How We Are Like the Moon to demonstrate reasons for avoiding worldliness. As usual, she challenges us — and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Complementing the post by Elizabeth Prata that I referenced earlier, Fred Butler of Hip and Thigh writes The Last Temptation of Christ as a rebuttal to the growing acceptance of so-called gay Christians. If Elizabeth’s essay introduced you to the Biblical perspective on homosexual temptation, Fred’s will expand on her presentation. Both articles deserve your time and attention.

In this day of dismantling God-given gender roles, I praise God for courageous men like Allen Nelson IV. His Things Above Us post, Why it’s Not Good for Man to be Alone, beautifully portrays marriage between a man and a woman.

For his weekly contribution to The Cripplegate, Jesse Johnson tackles the latest trend in political correctness by writing Was Jesus a person of color? An immigrant? A Palestinian? Honestly, some of the stuff liberal “Christians” come up with boggles the mind!

Let’s think about these Three ways the prosperity gospel has infected our churches, which Stephen Kneale lists in his blog, Building Jerusalem. Don’t expect this piece to be comfortable reading, but do expect it to help you pray in ways that seek God’s honor and glory. That is why you pray, right?

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