Why I’m Not Ready To Comment On Jackie Hill Perry And Why I Think I’ll Comment At Some Point

c8247-black2bwoman2bmask2b40Towards the end of last week, I began seeing conversations on Twitter about Jackie Hill Perry partnering with false teachers who represent the Word Of Faith and New Apostolic Reformation branch of evangelicalism. Someone tagged me, supposing I had researched Ms. Perry and could therefore dispense information on her. As flattered as I was by the vote of confidence, I had to admit that I’m not all that educated on the woman.

I’d had minimal exposure to her. Certainly, I rejoiced that the Lord had taken her out of lesbianism.  In this day of many evangelicals compromising with LBGTQ rhetoric, Ms. Perry was definitely refreshing! How desperately the Church needed people to testify that God can (and does) deliver men and women from the sin of homosexuality!

Yet something about Jackie Hill Perry just didn’t seem right to me. When I saw her in American Gospel: Christ Alone (a film which, ironically, exposes the Word Of Faith and NAR movements), I was surprised and uncomfortable. She didn’t seem to fit.

But I couldn’t have told you why she seemed out of place.

Maybe I should have started researching her at that point. But honestly, I’ve been trying to get away from the idea that discernment limits itself to calling out false teachers. I’ve been trying to teach my readers that Biblical discernment centers more on developing a rich understanding of Biblical doctrine than on exposing popular teachers who corrupt the Gospel.  Doctrine, I believe, goes a very long way in helping people discern for themselves.

So I didn’t bother researching Jackie Hill Perry. I focused on studying Scripture and trying to write articles that encouraged women toward Biblical thinking.

So now, as Elizabeth Prata documents so well in this essay, Jackie Hill Perry has become a serious problem. If you haven’t yet read Elizabeth’s post, please do so — it outlines Perry’s dangerous affiliations and her even more dangerous defense of those affiliations.

Additionally, it discusses her adoption of Woke terminology. That aspect of Perry’s theological compromise alarms me just as much as her buddying it up with known NAR luminaries. And I believe we must address that aspect of her doctrinal decline just as vigorously as we address her Word Of Faith and NAR collaborations.

At this time, I’ve only read a few items about Jackie Hill Perry, and I haven’t read much by her beyond the infamous Instagram post that Elizabeth shows in her essay. I haven’t viewed any of her sermons (yes, she preaches to men as well as women, evidently). Clearly, I don’t yet know enough about her to make a meaningful contribution to the conversation.

But the few things I have read this weekend trouble me so deeply that I anticipate writing about her in future blog posts. As she gains influence among younger evangelicals, I’ll want to unite with trusted discernment bloggers in leading women away from Jackie Hill Perry and toward Biblical thinking.

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One thought on “Why I’m Not Ready To Comment On Jackie Hill Perry And Why I Think I’ll Comment At Some Point

  1. I look forward to your comments in the future. I have researched Perry as I worked to expose a false teacher (Tim Keller) whose horrible theology I encountered in a church plant I was involved with. His “Gospel Coalition” is becoming one of the most dangerous threats to the church we have seen in decades, as he is so cleverly deceptive that he has fooled countless men in once conservative churches. Perry is in line with Sam Allberry’s thinking on homosexual Christians. It is my belief that she is just a little more clever at masquerading that Allberry- she considers herself a “Gay Christian.” See the two links below: My article on “Gay Christianity” and the link to my website exposing Tim Keller. By the way, get your hard hat out before reading my material- I don’t take any prisoners, as time is short and the wolves are successfully confusing & scattering many sheep. I appreciate your work and value
    your input.

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