Saturday Sampler: September 1 — September 7

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Leonardo De Chirico of The Vatican Files writes 166. Pope Francis Fears for the Planet, But Where Is the Gospel?  I  guess evangelicals aren’t alone in putting Social Justice issues above the Lord Jesus Christ.

My regular readers know that I really like the articles that Ryan Higginbottom writes for Knowable Word. But I particularly appreciate 3 Poor Reasons to Read the Bible for Ryan’s honesty and his challenge to us. Are you reading God’s Word from selfish motives?

Evangelism certainly can lead to frustration and discouragement, as Jordan Standridge shows us in The Cripplegate‘s He’s Just Blind. Yet he ends with wonderful encouragement to keep witnessing, explaining why we mustn’t lose heart.

How Does a True Christian Act? Using Romans 12 as her template, Leslie A of Growing 4 Life walks us through ways that reveal whether or not Christ has given us a new nature. The girl who witnessed to me back in high school used this same passage to show me my need for salvation.

Want a refreshing devotional Bible Study? Then visit The Domain for Truth and read The 3 C’s of Walking with God by SlimJim.

In Throwback Thursday: Sinatra Saints and Developing Disciples, Michelle Lesley gives us several Scriptures to help us determine the quality of our relationships with the Lord.  It’s a wonderful way to take spiritual inventory.

Logos Talk fails to block quote a passage by medieval mystic Meister Eckhart in K. Scott Oliphint’s essay, Why the Mystery of Our Faith Demands Understanding. Once you figure out that he quotes Eckhart, however, this item dispels false notions about dealing with mystery. Therefore, the effort it requires pays off.

I get tired of Calvinism being characterized as dead orthodoxy. So I praise God for Sinclair Ferguson’s The Essence of the Calvinistic Life on the Ligonier blog. What a joyful description of how Reformed theology affects those of us who embrace it!

Nathan Eshelman  contrasts two 17th Century paintings by the same artist to discuss two seemingly contradictory  verses about wine. Wine Juxtaposed with Wine appears in Gentle Reformation, and is truly fascinating. It also challenges our tendency to take extreme positions regarding the  consumption of wine.

Sometimes discernment ministries too quickly resort to guilt by association. Thankfully, Elizabeth Prata calls for a more balanced approach in How to Do Discernment: Partnering in The End Time.

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Sampler: September 1 — September 7

  1. Thanks so much for sharing these links. I came across a few of them this week, but others escaped my notice. I never heard of SlimJim or his devotional, but now I’m following his site in the WordPress app and am looking forward to spending some time in that post on Psalm 16 later this week.


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