Saturday Sampler: September 8 — September 14

Blend Circles Sampler

Let’s begin with Barry York’s tribute to his dad as he writes The Poker Table for Gentle Reformation. I know it’s not something I typically include in Saturday Sampler, but who says I can’t do things differently once in a while? This story definitely highlights God’s delight in saving the most unlikely people.

What were copybooks? And why would a Christian blog about them? If you’ll visit The End Time, you’ll find that Elizabeth Prata answers these questions as well as pointing us to The ultimate copybook.

None other than John MacArthur speaks out on the Grace to You Blog. He explains the urgency of Craving God’s Word by borrowing the imagery of newborn babies from 1 Peter 2, and he includes valuable insights on how shallow preaching fails to feed believers properly.

Are you genuinely saved? Throwback Thursday ~ Basic Training: The Gospel by Michelle Lesley navigates us through a series of Scriptures and questions to assist us in determining our spiritual standing before the Lord. Even if you think you understand the Gospel, I plead with you to read her article and examine yourselves. I did.

Don and Joy Veinot of Midwest Christian Outreach, Inc blog about “The Things You Know That Ain’t So” as a way of helping us see the illogic of some who oppose Christianity.  They also boost our confidence in the Bible by a quick overview of Bible translation and preservation. My husband loves stuff like this!

Want a second helping of Elizabeth Prata’s wisdom? I don’t blame you! She reprises her essay, Are you drifting toward only wanting your ears tickled? from November 2010, encouraging us to endure sound doctrine.

Being a San Francisco Bay native, I feel saddened and disgusted by the 5 incredible revelations from this week’s abortion hearing in California. Jesse Johnson of The Cripplegate reports these unsavory details in hopes that Planned Parenthood will unwittingly expose themselves, but also as a warning of what could happen if they win the case.

Along similar lines, Denny Burk fills us in on another front of persecution with Florist takes her case to the Supreme Court… again. Look, I understand that nobody particularly enjoys articles of this nature. I certainly prefer other topics. But we need to be aware of the direction of our culture.

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