Saturday Sampler: September 15 — September 21


Normally, I shy away from recommending reviews of books I haven’t personally read. Clay Kannard’s post, 167. Why Do They Cross the Tiber? Stories of Evangelical Conversions to Rome in Vatican Files is a worthy exception. And no, this article does not support evangelical to Catholic conversions.

Using a fascinating piece of church history, Barry York writes Learning a Lesson from the Duplicity of James Arminius and the Remonstrants for Gentle Reformation.

We’ve all heard the caricature of Reformed Christians not believing that God heals people today. Josh Buice of Delivered By Grace writes Yes, God Still Performs Miracles to correct Charismatics who misunderstand our beliefs on this matter.

Christina at Heavenly Springs shares an excerpt from Joel Beeke as he comments on a passage Calvin wrote regarding Finding Safety in the Church. What an intriguing take on the relationship between church membership and discernment!

Offering a chilling report of how leftist ideology walks hand in hand with the Australian Psychological Association, Stephen McAlpine writes InPsych Magazine: Telescoping the Future of Gender as a clear, if not disturbing, warning to Christians tempted towards a career in psychology. And please don’t assume that these dangers confine themselves to Australia. If you have any interest in psychology, I implore you to read this post.

Does anyone care if you skip church? Things Above Us contributor Allen Nelson IV thinks so. In When You Miss, You’re Missed, he explains how our absences — legitimate or illegitimate — affect the rest of our church family.

The debate pitting human free will against God’s sovereignty often flattens the two positions into a false dichotomy, as John Ellis demonstrates in Discovering the Real Meaning of Free Will and Divine Freedom for Servants of Grace.

In the mood for something short but thought provoking? Throwback Thursday: He Knows My Name by Michelle Lesley should do it for you.

Maybe Melissa at Your Mom Has A Blog states the obvious in Marriage as a Ministry, but don’t pass by her piece simply because you already agree with the title. Sometimes we neglect — or even forget — the most obvious spiritual principles.

Like Elizabeth Prata, I know when real climate change will happen. Visit The End Time to read The Earth without Water to learn about God’s sovereignty in the most cataclysmic climate change event in history.

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