Saturday Sampler: September 23 — September 28

Spiral-based Florish

Everything you need to know about social media memes  can be learned from Michelle Lesley in her post, Memeology 101. It’s somewhat lighthearted, yet it offers helpful guidelines for reading and sharing memes.

In her blog, Growing 4 Life, Leslie A contrasts Real Christianity with cultural Christianity. I love the way she bases everything on the Word of God.

Women, as well as men, gave their lives as martyrs as a result of the Reformation. Lady Jane Grey, for example, was beheaded for refusing to participate in the Roman Catholic Mass. Christina of Heavenly Springs shares Lady Jane Grey’s Letter to Her Sister on the Eve of Her Execution as a tribute to the Word of God. You might also read Encouragement from a Reformers Wife. The ladies of the 16th Century were definitely not wimps!

Writing for Parking Space 23,  Zach Putthoff lists 8 Truths About Speech & the Christian Life by drawing practical principles from James 2:2-12.

John Ellis often uses adayinhiscourt to say things that Christian adults don’t want to hear — but need to know. Youth Group Lock-Ins: Proof of Adults’ Naivety (or Their Bad Memory) isn’t a  comforting article, but parents really ought to read it.

Let’s have a second post from Michelle Lesley. Throwback Thursday – Wise to the Ways of the Worldly: 4 Ways Worldliness Sneaks In, and the Scriptures to Slay It may not be  as fun as Memeology 101, but every one of us needs its message.

As a contributor to The Cripplegate, Jesse Johnson walks us through 3 steps to understanding a tricky passage (cf. John 20:23). Employing these steps might help you develop godly discernment, thereby strengthening you against false teaching.

Do you know How to hear God’s voice 100% of the time? If  not, consider Elizabeth Prata’s essay in The End Time as a helpful guide to discerning when He is speaking. I can guarantee that, if you follow her counsel — which she borrows from Chris Rosebrough — you’ll never struggle to discern God’s voice again.

Note: next Saturday Justin Peters will be at First Baptist Church Weymouth (where John and I are members) leading a Discernment Conference. Because of this conference, I won’t be posting either a Saturday Sampler or a Sunday Hymn next weekend. I apologize for any inconvenience.

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