It’s October, So It’s Fashionable To Write About The Reformation


Today I read two blog posts that talked about the Protestant Reformation. You’ll find both of them in the upcoming Saturday Sampler, so I’ll let you anticipate reading them for a few days. If you’re new to church history and/or Reformed Theology, these articles will help you get a basic understanding of the foundational issue that triggered this world changing movement. If you’ve been around Reformed Theology for a while, you’ll appreciate the reminder.

From November 1 to September 30 each year, I think we forget about the Protestant Reformation. So many contemporary concerns capture our attention. Goodness knows, Beth Moore’s Twitter feed alone creates a continual circus that keeps us distracted from our theological heritage! (I think she’s worse than Donald Trump regarding Twitter.)

Thankfully October always comes, reminding us of the little German monk who, on October 31st, 1517, posted his 95 Theses on the door of Wittenburg Castle Church. Poor fella — all he wanted was a scholarly debate with other professors at Wittenburg University, where he taught theology. How could he have known that a handful of cocky students would translate the document from Latin to German, run it off on the newly invented printing press and distribute it all over Europe?

Would that my blog could go that viral!

More importantly, October reminds us that Martin Luther recovered the Biblical doctrine that we are justified by faith in the finished work of Christ rather than by our supposed good works. Starting will Martin Luther, the 16th Century Reformers brought the world back to God’s Word, and therefore back the Gospel.

I plead guilty to forgetting the value of the Reformation between November 1 and September 30 each year. And here I am, predictably joining my fellow bloggers in highlighting the Reformation this month. Where was I during the other eleven months?

But since it indeed is fashionable to blog about the Reformation this month, I have no qualms about jumping on the annual bandwagon with my fellow bloggers. In fact, I’d love to see more bloggers join us. Folks, it’s a big bandwagon, and there’s always room for one more!

Bear in mind that most evangelicals today confuse Martin Luther with a certain 20th Century civil rights leader whose Christianity was, at best, questionable. They don’t really care much about church history, and consequently they don’t understand the theological importance of the Reformation. Distinctions between Protestantism and Roman Catholicism blur into warm fuzzy ecumenicalism, obscuring the Gospel in favor of false unity.

Evangelicalism is a mess precisely because we ignore the Reformation.

Every October, I tell myself that I’ll blog about the Reformation throughout the coming year. Every year, I fail. As the bandwagon loses its fashionability, I slide obediently off of it to chase the next popular topic. But, since it is fashionable to blog about the Reformation this month, expect a few more Reformation inspired articles from The Outspoken TULIP. Who knows?  Maybe I’ll write some during the other months this time.

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