Saturday Sampler: October 6 — October 12


In Blog & Mablog, Doug Wilson often transcribes messages he gives at weddings. His message to Kip and Karis expresses the beautiful way that a Christian marriage reflects the Gospel. I’ve been married for 17 years, and I still need this basic teaching.

On October 6, 1536 William Tyndale died of strangulation before being burned at the stake. Erin Benziger of Do Not Be Surprised writes Strangled and Burned: Remembering William Tyndale to show us the significance of Tyndale’s execution.

Tim Challies tells us about The Servers and Servicers in Every Church as an encouragement for us to understand people who differ from us. Interesting perspective!

As we go through Pastor Appreciation Month, it helps to know how we can minister to the men who shepherd us. Melissa at Your Mom Has A Blog draws on her experience as a pastor’s wife in Want to Tend to Your Pastor’s Heart? Show up. This short post gives one of the most compelling reasons for faithful church attendance I’ve ever read.

In He Will Light Up our Path: The Truth about Feelings and Emotions, Lara D’Entremont’s guest post in Morning by Morning uses Psalm 19 to help us discern when feelings deceive us. Ladies, we constantly need this reminder!

Sarah Ascol, as a survivor of sexual abuse, explains What was Missing from Caring Well in her report for the Founders Ministries website. I love her firm conviction regarding the sufficiency of Scripture.

Sometimes we  stray from the actual Gospel, as R. Scott Clark demonstrates in When the Good News Becomes Bad for The Heidelblog. Maybe his insights aren’t terribly fresh, but we constantly need to come back to the basic message of the Gospel, don’t we?

Please don’t neglect Why the Reformation Still Matters by Michael Reeves, which appears in the Ligonier blog. It’s an excellent companion to R. Scott Clark’s piece.

Why does Paul forbid women to preach to men? Elizabeth Prata takes on this hot-button issue in an essay for The End Time as she elaborates on a video addressing the subject. Please make time for her post.

If you’ve been starting to think about your Bible reading plan for 2020, Michelle Lesley offers an interesting reason to try reading the Bible chronologically. A Weeping Profit invites you to experience Bible history as something that lets you feel the heart of God.

Prioritize Love, says Jason Vaughn in his article for Parking Space 23. As he shows us Romans 12 in context, he helps us understand why renewing our minds leads us to actively love each other.

I take no joy in including Presidential candidate promises draconian crackdown on religious liberty by Denny Burk in this week’s collection of posts. But the matter Burk reports mustn’t be ignored. The time for political action is long passed; now Christians must brace for inevitable persecution.

Let’s close with Michael Coughlin’s Psalm 119:121-124 — Deliverance in Things Above Us as an encouragement of God’s grace and faithfulness.

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