Saturday Sampler: October 13 –October 19

Autumn Leaves Sampler

I dearly hope that you’re tired of the fluffy things being passed off as women’s Bible Studies these days. If so, read this Introduction to A Zero Fluff Bible Study on the Deity of Christ by Sharon Lareau of Chapter 3 Ministries. Sounds like a helpful study, ladies!

On the Ligonier blog, Nathan W. Bingham presents a video clip of Robert Godfrey explaining why the 16th Century Reformers considered the Roman Catholic Church to be A False Church.

Why should we avoid telling people ‘God has big plans for you!’ in our evangelism? Visit The End Time for Elizabeth Prata’s well-reasoned argument against that unscriptural and misleading assertion.

Erin Benziger, writing in Do Not Be Surprised, cautions us to Employ Wisdom Wisely.

If you’re new to Reformed Theology (or even to Christianity in general), you may wonder what salvation entails and how it happens. Eric Davis of The Cripplegate outlines the entire  process in So Great a Salvation — an easily read description of the various components. And those of you who are familiar with Reformed teaching will still appreciate this concise reference tool.

Charismatics don’t have a corner on mysticism. In Throwback Thursday: Flying nuns and flying priests, Tom of excatholic4christ walks us through Roman Catholic history to demonstrate the mystical bent of that religion.

I love just about everything Michelle Lesley writes.  My regular readers know I do. But sometimes she’ll surprise me by writing an especially exceptional blog post like Putting on the “You Can!” of Complementarianism. Ladies, if you need encouragement to see value in serving the Lord apart from pulpit ministry, Michelle’s article is for you!

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