Do I Want A Popular Blog Or A Meaningful Blog?

Unpopular Bible Study

This week has been a blogger’s dream come true, thanks to John MacArthur and Beth Moore. Can I admit that I’m glad to have just over 500 followers on WordPress and over 270 followers on Bloglovin? I’m not sure how many people follow The Outspoken TULIP Facebook page, nor do I know how many follow through Twitter.

I do know, however, that every time I write about Beth Moore, my stats skyrocket. If I add John MacArthur to the mix, I can count on perpetual views.  Readers crave articles about these two public figures.

In one respect, I’m glad so many women flock to my posts about Beth Moore. I firmly believe she’s one of the most destructive teachers in the 21st Century Church, and that the probable collapse of the Southern Baptist Convention will happen largely because of her influence. If the Lord chooses to use my blog to steer women away from her false teaching, I praise Him.

Yet I want women to receive so much more from this blog than warnings against Beth Moore. I want to help my readers get into God’s Word so deeply that they can spot her deviations from sound doctrine without my assistance. It’s not enough for me to criticize her claims that God speaks to her apart from the Bible; I want my readers to learn how God’s Word speaks to us.

From early June until a week ago, I studied Colossians with a view towards writing a study on it for this blog. But as I approach the time of actually writing the study, I think about the overwhelming indifference towards other studies I’ve written.

As a 66-year-old lady who types with a headstick, I feel discouraged when Bible Studies I work hard to compose only attract a few readers. After incurring hip and spinal fractures last December from strenuous typing (around that time I completed my study on 1 Corinthians 15 and resurrection), I’ve felt torn in regards to putting all that effort into a series of blog posts that interest only a handful of ladies.

On the other hand, Colossians offers a powerful antidote to Beth Moore’s false teaching. That fact, coupled with its splendid exaltation of the Lord Jesus Christ, makes me eager to share it with you ladies. Getting into this epistle will sharpen your discernment in exciting ways.

Perhaps writing Bible Studies that only a few readers care about is worth it. Those few readers would come away understanding more about the problems with Beth Moore and other false teachers than those who read my articles on Beth Moore would get. So, to the 25 of you who will read my studies on Colossians, shall we start in January?

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7 thoughts on “Do I Want A Popular Blog Or A Meaningful Blog?

    • Studies of the Word are so vital! It doesn’t matter if only 5 read it and find wisdom, as long as you are being obedient to God’s calling on your life. He will bring it around 10 fold. Discernment is necessary in this age we live in more than ever before. Keep doing what you are doing! Thank you!


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