Saturday Sampler: October 27 — November 2

Does your church view its Pastor as CEO? Mark Mclntyre explains, in an article for Attempts at Honesty, why this unbiblical model of church leadership poses so much danger. It never pays to structure God’s church according to worldly ideas and patterns.

Enriching our understanding of the Protestant heritage that we have as evangelicals, Sinclair Ferguson contributes Four Implications of Martin Luther’s Theology to the Ligonier blog. This rather intimate peek into Luther’s life make the basic tenets of Reformed Theology easier to apply to our 21st Century experience.

In celebration of Reformation Day, Michelle Lesley reprises her article, 8 Theses for Women of the Modern-Day Reformation. You may have read this piece in past years, but I promise you that you won’t regret going through it again.

Eric Davis posts Reformation: Can the Roman Catholic Gospel Get You into Heaven? for The Cripplegate in honor of Reformation Day. Contrasting quotes from the Council of Trent with Scripture, he walks us through the primary issues, teaching us to discern the fundamental Gospel message.

Visit Logos Talk to take their Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Protestant Reformation? C’mon — it’s fun, and you might learn a few things in the process.

I appreciate Michael Coughlin of Things Above Us for sharing From the Mailbag: “Judge Not” as a demonstration of how to respond to critics respectfully without compromising the truth. As a bonus, he shows how to handle claims of healing that people attribute to false teachers.

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