Justin Peters Promotes The Outspoken TULIP And I Promptly Disappear

Just this past Saturday, as an appendix to his statement on why he left Twitter, he graciously directed women to my little blog. I appreciated his promotion, and looked forward to writing the article I had planned for that following Monday.

A funny thing happened that Sunday. My supposed cold started acting more like a serious illness. I couldn’t eat saltine crackers without nausea. I’m not a doctor and I don’t even play one on TV, but I don’t believe colds generally behave like that. So, as much as I hate the local hospital (our fire department EMTs aren’t allowed to transport patients to Massachusetts General Hospital), I asked John to call 9-1-1.

Two  girlfriends from church met me at the Emergency Room since John had no way to get there. Strange as it sounds, we were hoping for a diagnosis of pneumonia so that I could be sent home with antibiotics.

Milton Hospital
Selfie with my two girlfriends

Um, no. The x-rays showed that I have RSV. They admitted me immediately, and kept me until Tuesday afternoon. No chance of blogging those days!

Yesterday I couldn’t even consider putting my headstick on, so I set Youtube to auto play and watched several videos on the Ligonier channel. They reminded me what a tremendous teacher R.C.   Sproul was. And even more, what an amazing God we worship.

I won’t post a Saturday Sampler this week. Typing this notice is wearing me out, so I’ll probably do a Flashback Friday tomorrow. Yeah, kinda embarrassing after Justin Peters promoted my blog. But sometimes an Outspoken TULIP needs to be humbled, apparently. Hope to write to you next week.

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7 thoughts on “Justin Peters Promotes The Outspoken TULIP And I Promptly Disappear

  1. Great photo.

    ‘Praying for you to be well soon!
    I look forward to reading your next blog, Lord willing, whenever that may be!

    It may be worth sharing, that you have lots of good reading material in the archives (index organized by topic. Gods Glory, Women’s Ministry and Holy Spirit are excellent).

    In Christ,


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